Joseph Aaron / Press

“With a genuine personality that can light up a room, Joseph’s unique artistry and passion for playing piano with his signature pop/rock/blues vibe makes him an artist you will want to keep your eyes and ears open for. With his clear vision for the type of music he wants to share with the world, Joseph truly has something special as an artist.”

“Artists such as Billy Joel, Coldplay, Ben Folds, and A Great Big World have all taken the rumble of the keys and produced powerful ballads that resonate in your soul. Joseph Aaron is the next, following their lead, but definitely marching to the beat of his own drum (...or piano). The transplant from Charlottesville, VA combines powerful lyrics with brooding piano melodies, sometimes subtle and sometimes booming, to produce a blues/pop/soul fusion that has piqued our interest here at NCFNN...Aaron has managed to release a genre-blending EP full of poetic expressions that cover everything from your morning drive to your evening scotch. The songs from The Mountain, The Lion, & The Labrador sound as though his mission was to create a soundtrack for life that we all can relate to – and learn from.”

“A beer with the band: Joseph Aaron (click for full interview)”

“Aaron’s songs evoke the tough personal choices at stake when you leave behind all you’ve ever known and his piano-driven soul numbers are laden with the clarity that hindsight brings to the heart...With a seat at the piano and his heart on his sleeve, he puts music to this inner voice with passionate results.”