i am Fool / Press

“I am Fool Rocks Funk N Waffles - January 28, 2015 By Alex Hamer - A normally quiet Wednesday night was notched up a bit when I am Fool took to the stage at the Funk N Waffles downtown Syracuse location. Opening act, Mattydale Music Collective did a fine job of kicking things off and keeping the crowd interested. I am Fool covers an eclectic blend of music from Sublime, Jane’s Addiction to Beatles and Grateful Dead, adding their own interpretation and perspective. Their talents are truly showcased with their original music that include songs like “Molly” and crowd favorite “Swagger Man”. Members J Brazil-Vocals & Guitar, Mike Sweeney-Guitar, Reverend Ken-Bass, John Clark-Drums, and Tamarlee Shutt- Vocals, Percussion, Trumpet, & Keys. Bring a unique edge to the stage and a playful sense of humor to their music that will make you smile, best served live.”

“CD Review / Looking at the cover art, a hilarious take on Theodoor Rombouts', A Lute Player, it's obvious that I Am Fool has a sense of humor. It comes through brilliantly in the 10 songs on their debut album. Take a heavy dose of Tenacious D, a dash of Cake-style trumpet arrangements and the voice of Steven Page from Barenaked Ladies, and you've got the beginnings of what you'll hear. But just because a band knows how to make light of things like camel toes and a man with some swagger doesn't mean it sacrifices substance. With thick arrangements, layers of instrumental textures (thanks to the army of instruments Tamaralee Shutt surrounds herself with) and a few full-throttle guitar solos, the musical side doesn't slack. As for the lyrical side, the quips you'll catch the first time are just the start. Listen a few more times and you'll learn to appreciate I Am Fool's wise way with words. Aside from Shutt, the band also features J. Brazill, John Clark, Mike Sweeney and Reverend Ken.”