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I am Duckeye / Press

“I don't get this band, it confused me.”

“When I listen to Son of a Riff, I’m seeing Vikings in spaceships and a drunk unicorn wearing a leather horn protector. It’s pretty cool.”

“COMMANDO TOO, it's the best! Haven't got anything but good things to say. Honestly! Production is perfect! "Grip it" rocks my world! And Panchow is epic. Each song stands next to each on their own. Hard to make an album that flows yet every song is it's own entity, but you have done it! This album will do great things for Duckeye!!! I can feel it. Exciting times ahead.”

“With rumbling rhythms carrying more weight than a sumo wrestling team and the bass growling like a bear with crabs, the track erupts into a juggernaut of voracious endeavour and carnivorous intent.”

“I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to have my ears lovingly caressed by wave after rolling wave of immensely superb riffage, whilst at the same time have my body heaving over from disgust and repulsion. This may have happened to you several times at several seedy bars, but now you have the pleasure of reliving it all in one record. If you’ve ever wanted to experience this, then like me, you have far too many problems for one therapist to deal with. You’ll also want to get a copy of I am Duckeye‘s debut record “Husband” as fast as you can.”

“With some killer riffs, crazy vocals and such an amazing over use of the urban thesaurus, it’s an awe inspiring release! The first song sets up the album perfectly; both musically and lyrically. It kicks off into a thundering riff that feels like Helmet on speed. However I’m not sure if the song Swhale is using a sperm whale as a metaphor for sex or if the story teller actually did take a whale to show and tell.”

“Husband is a thunderous dose of punk and metal coaxed aural below the waist salaciousness which leaves expectations of hearing something very good in the release potent underestimation. It is an outstanding album which offers slabs of prime rock ‘n’ roll for the lyrical and mischievous deviancy to rampage within.”

“Each decade has one or two bands which sum up the feeling of the people with elegance and beautifully sculpted sounds, musicians coming together to conjure stunning aural paintings through perfectly honed emotion, refined thoughtful enterprise, and intently planned experimentation. Thankfully that same period of time also gives us a band where sonic rioting and lewd mischief is their only musical instinct whilst uniting and firing up the common man is an anthemic weapon wielded with ease. Today the world has I Am Duckeye, a bunch of punk miscreants who enflame and thrill with ‘retarded sounds for a retarded society’ and a band we would choose over any ‘work of art’ each and every day. "...having the class of Sir Les Patterson." ”

“Unfortunately, this explanation is not nearly graphic or detailed enough to describe I Am Duckeye’s crowd interaction. The only way to truly understand what they’re all about is to experience the madness for yourself.”

“These guys are amazing! With their powerful rock riffs and hilarious lyrics! A must for everyone to listen to! They have a very unique on stage presence and crowd participation is a must which makes going to see them live all the more an experience. Take a listen, punch some dicks and enjoy!”

“I am late to the Duckeye game but just bought Husband and you guys are the TITS!”

“What’s your earliest memory of performing and who inspired you to start? Sam and I used to entertain the other orphans with our songs like “A beating from a nun is like a kiss from Jesus”.”

“What’s on heavy rotation on your iPod right now? An I Am Duckeye bootleg. For a couple of reasons, one being that I need to listen to the songs to remember how they go and the other being out of respect for the bootlegger for bothering to go to all that effort putting us on the internet. Only the best stuff gets on the internet, you know…”

“When you’re Rolling Stones Big, what are you going to request on your rider: don’t be shy. We want specifics! *Peppermint tea * Fresh Fruit * A fuckload of cocaine to shelf in our anuses.”

"stupid song... why waste time with bullcrap like that"

“Featuring two members of one of Melbourne’s best known alternative/heavy acts Sydonia, I Am Duckeye are a ‘side project’ that have absolutely no worries about being compared to the main band. They are quite the opposite in many ways. While Sydonia destroy all in their path with their intense, metal tinged alternative heavy rock, I Am Duckeye make you roll on the floor, pissing yourself with laughter. They are as much a comedy act as a rock’n’roll band, and their lyrics, antics and onstage banter put a constant smile on your face. At the same time, however, their brand of good natured thrashy/punky rock is tight, powerful and a whole lot of fun. Definitely a band to check out for a rollicking good time.”

“Anyway, to I Am Duckeye. For those that don't know, they're a band with a couple of dudes from Sydonia (guitarist Sam and drummer Sean). Except unlike Sydonia, this band is NOT at all serious. They're as much a comedy act as they are a band. I really don't know how to describe them, except to say that you should definitely go and see them if you like stoner rock with dick jokes and bad choreography. Little bit of crowd noise from me and my friends but ah well, it's not too bad. And there was absolutely no way I was going to remove the onstage banter.”

“Hey! Check out these funny bastards from Melbourne. I AM DUCKEYE are a rock band that are making the girls laugh so hard, they take their pants off and throw them on stage, so if you don’t like taking life to seriously (which is the way it should be) then check out these guys. Give them a like on facebook and tell them to play at the local pub near you or you’ll kill a kitten or some sh#t…”

"...everyone I saw was great, especially I am Duckeye, who are hilarious."

"Clean your room Matt!"

Sam and Matt's Mum - Mum

“It was just highly sexual rock and roll.”

Amber after the Sheriff launch show @ the Tote - Amber

“One of the best things I've seen since TISM.”

Marty after the Sheriff launch show @ the Tote - Marty