Blizzard / Press

“Blizzard, amazingly effective mix of styles in this guy's superbly fresh innovative music. I could say that it feels like Cabaret meets Hip Hop but there is so much more to it! ”


“Superb! Genre defying material. The narration in Abandoned is fantastic and the mixture of electronic, hip hop and touches of classical music underpinning it is just brilliant. ”

Last Day On Earth

“Blizzard- In a word: genius! So much talent wrapped up in a cocoon...I am impressed! ”

Dry Martinez

“The Blizzard is one of the most talented people we know! Listen to his music it is honest compelling and just dam amazing! loss your self for a while.....”

Wooden Robot

“Often the most beloved songs can take some warming up to. I felt very comfortable the whole way through. Smooth buttery tracks with well timed lyrics. Cool ambiance. There is an eclectic intelligent mind at work here. ”

May I Never End

“You have opened a whole new door in hip hop! This is SWEEEET!!! Amazing talent. YOU ROCK!! ”

Sonja Quintana