Iain Raeper / Press

"Chiming, plaintive acoustic rock - on Stones Throw?!? This double A-side single from Iain Raeper is a pretty big left turn for the enigmatic LA hip hop-funk-soul label - straight up acoustic coffee house sunshine from the Edinburgh scene!"

"On a recent European Tour, Stones Throw head honcho PB Wolf discovered Iain Raeper performing at a Scottish Pub and was signed on the spot to release a limited 7". This marks Stones Throw's first venture into the world of folk/singer/songwriter and will appeal to fans of Badly Drawn Boy, Jeff Buckley, Paul Weller, & Joseph Arthur."

“Always the Same” is a spiritual successor to Iggy Pop’s “The Passenger” and details more romantic chaos and reprehensible behaviour. Iain has lived a life, and deservedly he wins tonight’s exotic raffle.”

John Barclay - "Out of the Bedroom" Live Music Showcase

“Iain Raeper has never played here before, but hopefully he will return after this evening’s fine performance. His voice vaguely reminds me of Dylan with a bit more melody. My favourite song was 'Her Great Escape', with a nice descending chord sequence. “She’s happy all the time”, he says, but he wonders “is this real, or is it all fake?”. It’s real I say! Optimism, yay! I hope Iain comes back to see us again soon. ”

Lindsay Sugden - "Out of the Bedroom" Live Music Showcase

“The rhythmic, pulsing ‘One More Time’ had a pleasant melody and Iain’s naturally rasping vocal reminded me of Kelly Jones (Stereophonics). ‘Bethany’, named after the charity shop, was a fictional story about an ex-girlfriend and, while the lyric was bitter, the music was upbeat. The passionate, melodic ‘She Said So’ ended a fine set. Iain’s 12-song demo CD, which he gave out for free tonight, is well worth a listen.”

Jim Igoe - "Out of the Bedroom" Live Music Showcase

“Mr Raeper sounding more like he had travelled from the sunshine and beaches of the west coast of America rather than from Edinburgh, and "Just Another Day" was a case in point. Just the thing to make a man forget the rain.”

“The best of the covers was by Iain Raeper. His version of 'Fight For Your Right' was a unique take on the song, slowing it down with only vocals and acoustic. Classic! ”

Cat Squire Music - "Future of Scottish Music" Live Showcase