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“Marwan Khoury\Upcoming Music Releases and New album in 2013”

Soon 2013

“La star Marwan Khoury a lancé sa nouvelle chanson "Eh Ahebba", dont les paroles ont été écrites par la poète emiratie Jinan, et qu’il a composé lui-même alors que Dany Khoury a pris en charge l’arrangement musical. A noter que c’est la première fois que Marwan Khoury interprète une chanson khalijie.”

“Marwan Khoury is finalizing his new video "Kenna Ttafa'na", for which he collaborated with his brother Claude. The video, shot in Amchit, shows a man blaming his beloved for their separation, with a flashback of their romance. "Kenna Ttafa'na" is written and composed by the singer himself, and arranged by Dany Khoury. ”