I1 / Press

“Brandon Burke, the lead guitarist for up-and-coming Holy City hard rockers I1, looks to Mike Patton for inspiration, and rightfully so. "Patton can take it in many different directions," Burke, a.k.a. Mr. Herke says. A similar love of diversity can be found on the tracks that I1 have just laid down. There's the slinky jammer "Explaining Myself" and the sinister swing of "Kerrified" and the Bungle-meets-the Doors circus rocker "March of the Clowns," for example. The boys in I1 have only been together six months but they currently have at least 13 songs under their belt. Most are similar to more traditional hard rockers — the guys' chief inspiration is the early '90s Seattle scene — but, Burke says, quite a few tap into a particular Patton-esque carnival craziness. Who knows exactly what direction I1 will take, but they could be on the verge of establishing themselves as one of the Holy City's most eclectic bands. ”

“i1 is one of the freshest, more interesting and potentially important bands to hit the Low Country in some time. After listening to their first few releases, I was impressed not only by the sound these four guys produce but also the diversity of style and lyrical import they inject into their music. There is a definite blues feel to a number of i1’s songs, perhaps never more evident than on “Bottoms Up,” an ode to getting your balls kicked when you’re already down and out. But the band plays with your head, switches gears and roars through a rollicking “March of the Clowns,” a song that is full of cool gimmicks, solid work by Jones and Robertson, a guitar solo that Burke races off on for almost the entire song, and manic singing by Daniel that emphasizes the somewhat dark nature of the carnival-esque tune. i1 is a band certainly worth keeping an eye, and ear, on in the coming months. ”

Jack Rowley - Independent Music Review