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“New Metal Review: Hypokalypse - Blitzkrieg (Official Music Video) The Heavy Metal Sasquatch craves all things that inspire the urge to thrash! This craving has led me to the thrash metal warlords Hypokalypse!. Based out of Richmond Virginia, Hypokalypse revisits a classic thrash vibe while at the same time putting a modern spin on their songs; with clear influences of Iron Maiden, Lamb of God, Testament, and Megadeth coming through. The bands first single Blitzkrieg begins in a fury, unleashing deadly thrash riffs and a brutal symphony of destruction! The video is simple and straight to the point; Warfare & Power! Something that Hypokalypse represents strongly! \m/ Check out the video for Blitzkrieg below and make sure to support them @ facebook.com/Hypokalypse \m/ - The Heavy Metal Sasquatch really enjoyed Blitzkrieg by Hypokalypse and all its thrashy goodness! The band successfully manages to recreate the classic thrash element that I crave so heavily, while making it feel fre”

“Nathan Kovel ‏@nathankovel Possibly one of the worlds most greatest drummers in history and still yet to be signed?check out my main man @djspeedking1 #Rock #legend”

“Nathan Kovel ‏@nathankovel And all the idiots said rock was dead! Well check out the resurrection of metal and follow the truly amazing @Hypokalypse fuckin cool ✊ 😈😈😈😏”

“Hey guys and ghouls! I know not all of you are into the metal or thrash scene, but I wanted to give props (and raise awareness) of a local Richmond, VA band called Hypokalypse. They are a great bunch of guys and their lead guitarist, Ramzi, is only 16 years old and already a super talented axe player. Been checking these guys out for months since first catching them opening for Megadeth back in April. They went through a lineup change, dropping their lead singer and parting ways with one of their guitarists, but their new lineup is killer! Their sounds, the lyrics, and the energy they put off on stage is amazing. You can check out their lastest set on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBaC_w66-6WfXIWFYrsCWPg The vids shown are from their show at The National in Richmond on 8/11/12. Video was shot by an friend of the band and while the quality is not pro level you can still hear the band well. They have a page over at ReverbNation here: http://www.reverbnation.com/hypoka”

“Next we've got a video from a live show from Scavenger's Daughter. ("Angel of Vengeance" @ Emilio's 3-10-12.) It's a little hard to see but the sound quality isn't too bad. The vocals (Carlton Kelly) I did hear were very King Diamond/Volture, and for seven minutes, these guys metal-jam. You might have seen or heard these guys during Battle of the Bands in February at the Canal Club. They took first place! One of the two lead/rhythm guitarists is only 16 (Ramzi Aboulhosn)! The rest of the dudes have a bit more experience age-wise.”