Hypnogaja / Press

"(Hypnogaja's 'Truth Decay' is) an expertly crafted album." (9 out of 10 stars)

“The 14-track recording ('Truth Decay') centers on the 'world's dramatic, apocalyptic end and how life cycles into new chapters, sometimes with sudden force.'”

“Like a novel or play each song tells a story...”

“ONE TO WATCH - a multifaceted band out of Hollywood that is quickly gaining steam.”

“Critically acclaimed alt-rock band Hypnogaja's new album, 'Truth Decay' is a high concept recording with a story arc about star-crossed lovers in a futuristic world where apocalypse and rebirth are looming.”

“Lots of people can sing, but the ShyBoy has a range and a clear softness that never leaves.”

“Enthralling, first-rate modern rock.”


“Soaring compositions and the production finesse of a bygone era in power rock.”


“Soulful rock with a subtle electronic backdrop.”