HYPE! / Press

“Odlični rock bend iz Zrenjanina/Pančeva (Srbija) Hype! 01. ožujka izdao je svoj istoimeni debi album kojim je dokazao zašto slove za jedan od bendova koji će uskoro harati regionalnom rock scenom.”

“Hailing from Zrenjanin in Serbia, Hype! is a band on the march and with their debut album about to set European rock music alight. Blending an incendiary blend of alternative rock, punk, and mischievous rock n roll, the band with their outstanding album is on the first step of a rapid rise of recognition, certainly if there is any reward for providing such an impressive and thrilling release.”

“Hype! December 2012 winners of V6 Radio contest, with their song "Erase". Congratulations!”

“MIX The Month In Music are releasing a charity album. A 14 track collection of fine artists who have put a song up for a good cause. The album called " Voices " will be available on iTunes and Amazon. 100% of proceeds are being direct to charity in the area of feed the children program's. when you purchase this album you can be assured you are helping to make a difference.”

“Grupa Hype nastupiće na predstojećem Warriors Dance festivalu na Kalemegdanu, bend je upravo izbacio novi spot za pesmu "Erase", a uskoro nas očekuje i izlazak njihovog debi albuma - o svemu tome po malo, i još po nešto, ispričala nam je prva (i jedina) dama benda Dragana Mijatović aka Gaga Lee.”