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"The album has several nerdy songs such as wondering if the new Star Wars movie will be any good (Episode 7), tributes to both the Borg and Darth Vader, singing about Chewbacca in Vegas, and summarizing The Goonies movie. They also have several songs singing about women who they love; Avril Lavigne, Barbara Gordon, Paula (Abdul), Carrie Fisher, and Rave Girl which is about a generic raver. They have interesting taste in women a.k.a. same as me."

“The force has definitely awoken for Atlanta-based pop-punkers Hyperspace. The three members are super-dorks when it comes to pop culture (especially anything sci-fi or comic book related), and their hyperdrive motivator (rewatch The Empire Strikes Back, if you’re scratching your head) is in full working order on their new CD Delusions of Grandeur. Complete with four different songs about Star Wars, not to mention tracks devoted to the Goonies, the Borg of Star Trek and Batgirl, the album is a geek-fest through and through, which helps explain why they’ve become a frequent musical attraction at Dragoncon and the annual Treklanta convention.”

“Hyperspace – Delusions Of Grandeur (self released) Now how can you not love this!? It’s based on nerdy stuff like Star Wars and it’s simplistic fun punk rock, perfect! With a Nerf Herder feel of course, this LP from Hyperspace is bloody good fun! With song titles like “Darth Vader”, “Carrie Fisher”, “Paula Abdul”, “Goonies”, “Chewbacca” you get a great idea of what they’re about. Even a song about “Episode 7” and if the movie will be any good (which it really was!). It’s so much fun, I really rate this album for a good time. Closing out with a cover of Nirvana’s “School”, this album is so bloody great, one you should check out for sure!”

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"...pretty melodies that tell the amorous misadventures, Star Wars, Goonies, Avril Lavigne and other increasingly strong trumpeting similar arguments a certain pride in being nerdy."

“Self-described geek rock band Hyperspace will bring their raucous mix of slacker rock and pop-punk to their upcoming full length, Delusions of Grandeur.”

“Hyperspace reminds me a lot of the old ATL band, The Last Chucks... Or The Parasites... Or The Queers... Being dorks at heart, Nick and I love songs about comics and Sci-Fi stuff. This highly up beat band will make it almost impossible not to smile or grab the person next to you and dance!”

“Hyperspace do the whole Dorky McDork thing, like a pimply teenage basement rumpus where the hardest elixir is Fanta Orange straight outta the can and Green Day plays a spazzy set consisting solely of Bowling for Soup covers. Speaking of covers, the Atlanta trio tackles the Vaselines’ “Molly’s Lips” (probably better known from the Nirvana version) on their new CD, Going Plaid, but the title of the original song that precedes it, “Geeks in Love,” tells you all you need to know.”

“Guitar is super fun. I'm a Weezer fan, so it's up my alley. I'm a sucker for the sweet innocence of geek rock.”

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"Winnie Cooper" is fun and upbeat... it's a song everyone can get into.

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