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“Valley Advocate review (July 19, 2012) HydroElectric Space Dirt (Catseyesoup) Blending '70s British rock, SoCal desert sludge and synth-powered psychedelia, HydroElectric creates a musical space that's both laid-back and hard-hitting, layering thick coats of heavy guitar riffage and oozing Moog swirls over solid, mid-tempo grooves. Gradually-building extendo-jams mirror marathon epics by Black Sabbath or Guns 'n' Roses, while intermittent organs shift them into Deep Purple/classic Pink Floyd territory. They're not at all afraid to change keys or time signatures three or four times in a song, but interwoven Chris Cornell-style vocals help to smooth out the odd transitions. Dinosaur Jr. members J Mascis (guitar) and Murph (percussion) make guest appearances on the record, Mascis on the spacey, Bowie-esque "Edge of the World," (which begins with a J.F.K. sample about the moon landing), and Murph on an inspired cover of the Doctor Who theme. —Tom Sturm”

“If you’re either old enough to remember Heavy Metal as a cartoon, or young enough to appreciate really great sounding rock music, this band should take a spin under your laser. I tend to say “well-crafted” a lot to describe music I enjoy, but goddammit, it’s what works, and I use it again on this stuff. You’ve got a new band, circa 2008, but each quartet member is coming from many veteran rock influences and has learned how to find their place in the overall mix of HydroElectric. J Mascis even plays guest lead guitar on a track! Not only that, they’re writing some kick ass songs, arranging them with poise and understanding of the rock idiom they’re fitting into. To compare to other bands would be pointless; futile at best. Just find this band around, listen to what they’re doing, see them live if you can, and crank it LOUD when you drive… or when IT drives YOU. (Mike Loce)”

“(Space Dirt) “…it's very epic. It's a throw back to when music bridged its way through a CD like a continual story. It starts off with a bang! Melodies and pro ability are obvious, and a conjured vibe is present.” “It's inspiring…an album of real visceral magnitude!””

Chris Croteau - NEAMA

““...after hearing Space Dirt, it did not take me long to get hooked! ... vocals are edgy and soulful...guitar playing is equally so, calling from such masters as Gilmore and Clapton with bluesy licks and precise bends. The guitar tones are excellent, and the playing perfectly compliments the emotion and style of the lyrics and the music... bass playing is solid, filling in the groove for every song,  keys provide an ethereal feel to many of the tracks, and he provides different flavors, ranging from Pink Floyd-esq tones to full on piano and organ acompaniment ... elements of metal drummers Mike Portnoy, Mike Mangini, and Scott Phillips. Musical, pounding rythms are heard throughout, and each song is played differently, Overall, Space Dirt is a highly enjoyable and entertaining album, well thought out musically, lyrically, and sonically. I wish the members of Hydro Electric continued success, and I hope future albums are as solid as this effort. “”

“Fantastic! A nice collection of music that is reminiscent of the classic rockers but with plenty of originality. Vocals bring to mind Stone Temple Pilots, Ozzy Osbourne, and Zeppelin but with a modern twist. I highly recommend this album.”