Hush1 / Press

“Lace you up"....great lyrics...rythmic....clear vocals (which is unique) I normally find it difficult to hear all the words with some people that rap as they talk/sing to fast)...Such a pleasure to meet you my talented friend. Good vibes and friendship”

Nick Kosar and Eclectic Dee as "Genre Fuse" - Nick Kosar and Eclectic Dee as "Genre Fuse"

“really refreshing to hear an artist using their gift to create intelligent, considerate poetry..love the range of styles within, but all rooted in a social conciousness..great distorted guitar in "lace u up" and love the update of "Imagine". Shiny!!”

MikeWhitePresents - MikeWhitePresents

“cover "imagine" so so so awesome!! keep grindin...”

The Pinots - The Pinots

“Hi there, nice to meet you... Really like "The Real Crime" - excellent lyrics, well done! Faved.”

“Lace U Up...great work here. Lets hope u make it above the radar soon”

“Hey! Enjoying your music ! Listening to 'Today'.Will be back for more xx”

“Scribbled Notebooks RAAPPS! Best wishes,”

“the REAL Crime does it for me big time! Greetings HUSH* All the Best”

“i see u bruhh leep pushin brothha”

“Good to see some rep in Oakland! Look forward to listenin man!”

“Emerging from the misty gun-smoke of the streets of East Oakland, a young poet and metaphorical oracle by the alias of "Hush1"”

“Every time a negative statement was made, every time he has been underestimated, he has proved them wrong and continued to come out harder than ever.”

“Siempre es el rap-perro callado que muerde.. (Its always the quiet rap-dog that bites)”

“Oye las voces que corren por el viento.. shhh.. hush (Hear the voices runnin in the wind.. shhh.. hush)”

“Silent.. but deadly”

“Who's Hush? Read & Find Out”