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"Ain't Ready For the Grave" proves that Hurricane Ruth can hang with musicians of any age.The statement that Ruth makes with this album should be an incentive for every musician. A passionate blues artist with such a voice "is a force of nature for sure! ...".

Eric Schuurmans - Rootstime.be

"“Ain’t Ready for The Grave,” is twelve cuts of real blues! No holding back, a real force of nature!"

Blues Barry - Smoky Mountain Blues Society

""Ain't Ready For The Grave" is one of the most powerful recordings I've heard. It should go without saying that this one's a keeper. Hurricane Ruth LaMaster is a force to be reckoned with."

Bill Wilson - Reflections in Blue

"My god you were amazing...I'm ashamed to say I didn't know you before...But I certainly know you now. Amazing voice, control, range...the whole shebang... Thanks for taking me to school. so enjoyed hearing you."

Phillip Pemberton - Roomful of Blues

““These 4 songs on Winds of Change are a good way to discover the vocal talent of this woman who, undoubtedly, has many good things to offer. GREAT!””

Vincente Zumel - La Hora del Blues

““Some say Hurricane Ruth LaMaster got her nickname because nobody believed a category five storm could explode out of such a tiny, five-foot-tall-in-her-bare-feet chick. But when you hear her, you’ll definitely believe it. The power she manages to pull out of her gut has its roots all the way down to her toes. This little lady belts it OUT!””

Russ Heitz - 12 Bar Rag - Suncoast Blues Society

““Previous commentators have compared Ruth to Aretha, Tina Turner, Janis Joplin and Ruth Brown - listen to this and you can understand why.””

Norman Darwan - Flyin' Shoes Review

“• “Hurricane Ruth LaMaster is a musical force of nature. She takes the soul and the energy of the greats who came before her and combines them into her own brand of blues that grabs you and doesn't let go until well after the records are finished playing.””

Dave Tomlinson - Preserving the Blues

“• “Hurricane Ruth LaMaster is a musical force of nature. She takes the soul and the energy of the greats who came before her and combines them into her own brand of blues that grabs you and doesn't let go until well after the records are finished playing.””

Dave Tomlinson - Preserving the Blues

““Ruth makes a statement with some of her favorite songs on Winds of Change. I liked the first cut best as it features her with some nice horn arrangements.””

Steve Jones - Crossroads Blues Society Newsletter

"Hurricane Ruth LaMaster’s Winds of Change gives us a taste of what she has in store. Therefore, we certainly look forward to more.”

Eric Schuurmans - Rootstime - Belgium

"When you’re presented with a powerhouse vocalist such as Hurricane Ruth LaMaster, four tunes really just whets your appetite, but Winds of Change will certainly satisfy until she’s ready to give us more."

Graham Clarke - Blues Bytes

““LaMaster’s voice is incredible and she deserves a spot next to the best belters in history. She’s expressive and captivating.””

Professor Johnny P - Professor Johnny P's Juke Joint

““A category five vocalist, strong, furious but at the center there is a calmness that is serene. Hurricane Ruth has the pipes that only can come from experience, and anything less would be shallow. A masterful vocalist who provides the storm for us to ride on.””

Chef Jimi Patricola - Blues 411

““Winds of Change” is a powerhouse!””

““With a voice that turns heads, Hurricane Ruth LaMaster is a force of nature for sure. She is a big time soul singer, and vocalist that can hang with any of them!””

Blue Barry - Smoky Mountain Blues Society

"This 4 song E.P. proves that quality over quantity wins every time. Less than 20 minutes total, each cut is superb."

"Hurricane Ruth is small in stature but somehow this voice, this force of nature, comes out of her taking your breathe away. Voices like this with this much passion very rarely come into our lives so to be blessed with Ruth in ours one can only exclaim "hallelujah"."

Peter Merrett - PBS 106.7 - Melbourne, Australia

"Winds of Change - Smoking, hot stuff with more than enough wail to satisfy Captain Ahab."

"This is one of the most powerful jobs I have ever heard by a vocalist...and I've been listening to blues and related music since about 1963. I may have heard some who were every bit as good but, I cannot say I've heard better. This woman could blow the roof off an outdoor venue. (An impossible feat, but you get my point.) It doesn't get any better than this."

"Hurricane Ruth LaMaster is one of those rare artists who can sing whatever she puts her mind to. With “Winds Of Change,” she goes quite successfully back to her roots!"

"Her mom liked the down and dirty blues and her dad was a fan of the big band sound. Ruth logically ended up with a love for both styles."

"The EP’s name, “Winds of Change,” sums up LaMasters’ musical evolution — coming full-circle back to her roots."

““Winds of Change is a blockbuster, very good!! Leaves you wanting more!””

““Winds of Change is very impressive…very, very impressive!””

Michael Goza - WQNA 88.3

"Pipes like this are what people are hearing when they refer to someone “belting out the blues”. “

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro - Mary4Music.com

““Like Janis Joplin, Mama Cass, and Bessie Smith, Hurricane Ruth's gale-force vocal delivery and wall-of-sound blues commands attention from even the most jaded music listener.””

““What you have here is 11 slabs of pure wake-up music, but no matter how big the power trio can sound, Hurricane Ruth is the locomotive!””

Roy Bainton - Blues Matters

““Ruth LaMaster native of Beardstown, Illinois has a powerful voice that could allow her to excel in a directory of rockin 'blues ala Ruth Brown / LaVern Baker.””

Bernard Boyat - Le Cri du Coyote

““The first time I heard this gem it knocked me out. It will always add up to a fantastic performance. She is a force to be reckoned with.””

"The eleven numbers are all band originals and they simply sear themselves into not only your brain but your sensitive eardrums as well”

““This is one of those CDs the first time you listen to it you can’t believe that every song is so good.””

““Born on the River rocks from start to finish, and serves notice that blues fans had better pay attention to Hurricane Ruth. Both the band and the vocalist are equally potent. “”

““This is a solid set of upbeat rocking blues.””

““I am blown away by Hurricane Ruth, every song got my toes tappin’.””

Dave Sawtelle - WNIJ 89.5

““This is a Midwest helping of bad ass, hard partying, whiskey drinking, right down to the gravel blues.””

Michael Isenberg - Isenberg Archives

““Hurricane Ruth is from south central Illinois where tropical cyclones don’t occur. But don’t tell her that. Ruth LaMaster undoubtedly earned her windy nickname from being a vocal force of nature.””

““The band from south-central Illinois handles the 11 originals like a Harley-Davidson peeling out. LaMaster's powerful delivery and Lumsden's wailing guitar sell each song with plenty of vinegar and salt.””

““Backed by a seriously rocking power trio, this is blues as loud, hot, sweaty, and ballsy as anything the guys are doing these days. Ruth is truly a “Hurricane”, trust me, she’s a Cat 5!””

““Ruth LaMaster is a Category 5. There will be some damage done! It’s probably too late to evacuate, so be prepared to be blown away.””

““Boogie track, Dance, Dance, Norma Jean has so much Rattle and Roll in it you'd swear it was cut in a shack in a small Texas town. Do you know what I'm talkin' bout?””

““This is a band that comes from the school of blues that says play it from the heart and they hold nothing back. As for musicianship, they have spent ample time in the woodshed, honing their skills. This is a band that kicks major butt and takes names.””

““This is a seriously good album, one you need in your collection.””

Peter Merrett - PBS Radio 106.7 Melbourne, Australia

"On “Born On The River,” Ruth gives ‘em just that–eleven originals with a decidedly-hard edge, perpetuated by the fiery guitar stylings of David Lumsden. Gary Davis and Jim Engel round out the foursome, on bass and drums, respectively, and they let Ruth’s mighty vocals lead the way."

"Solid stuff that fills the bill for any genre fan looking to rock out with a good 'ol gal that knows how to deliver."

"Hurricane Ruth should secure a place in the list of the most notable Blues ladies of the year."

Raimund Nitzsche - Wasser-Prawda (Germany)

"Ruth provides the powerful vocals that match up with the band's big rock and blues sound."

Steve Jones - Blues Blast Magazine

"Hurricane Ruth blows in as a force 5 hurricane with her power blues and support by a trio of musicians who are ready to keep the hurricane moving."

Steve Jones - Blues Blast Magazine

"Hurricane-powered blues"

"Ruth LaMaster captivates listeners with her potent vocals. This lady gets the most out of every song and performance. Ruth is a petite lady , but her voice and onstage presence fills any venue she performs."

Michael Goza - Blues Power WQNA 88.3 - Illinois Central Blues Club Mar/Apr Newsletter

“Hurricane Ruth Unleashes New CD”

“Hurricane Ruth, Glen Carbon vocalist, brings her act to Laurie's Place!”