HUNG / Press

“Violins Never Sounded This Heavy.”

"This quintet juxtaposes black metal’s iconic intolerance and progressive metal’s mesmerizing musicianship into grandiose compositions laden in hellfire to create the closest thing NYC has ever come to their own version of pagan metal."

"Hung is undoubtedly one of the best and strongest bands in the New York City scene today. Progeny is really, really good; if you’re a fan of European-influenced metal you’ll be drawn in right away. Get yourself a copy."

"Those who look for the exceptional in music instead of just wanting the clobbering-then-done type of stuff should get their hands on this record."

"These guys ought to become a staple of the American death metal scene"

"Be sure to remember the name of this band now, they deserve it."

"The alternating between violin and guitar for the band's solos is a very unique trait that is executed extremely well"

"Hung has already made its mark in music history; I anxiously await whatever this promising band has in store for us."

"It’s adventurous and bold to apply Prog-savvy with Death Metal music but that is what makes this special as an outfit and proves them to be leaders in the New Breed of Metal Bands. It’s fantastic to find a band willing to push the envelope a little further in their music."

"Hung certainly offers the listener something unique and intriguing with their 5-song debut. The band portray an uncanny sense of melody, coming across like Opeth and Dark Tranquility at times, but they also have a very classy sound seldom found in today's metal bands."

"An epic journey through hell and back"

"...a stellar foray into progressive death metal with a classical twist...In a genre that seems to rely on either blunt force trauma or mind numbing complexity, it's refreshing to hear some death metal that’s actually doing something challenging and different."