Humut Tabal / Press

“Humut Tabal don't rely on sound, preconceptions, loyalty or image. They do black metal art, whatever it takes, and wherever it takes them.”

“The tracks of Humut Tabal are faster, straightforward and hostile, with more Thrash influences, they clearly belong in the European – Scandinavian Black Metal. Both tracks are fast, chaotic, with very interesting riffs and good structure which doesn’t make you bored despite the big duration of the tracks. The guitars are distorted but fits with the style of the compositions. The bass is impressive both because of its devastating sound and its violent lines. Also, concerning the drums, they have done a good job with nice passages, turnings and changes. The vocals are very powerful, harsh, raw, possessed Black Metal vocals. The production is very harsh and dirty, so that many times the sound comes out quite dirty and muddy. Concerning the mix, the band wanted to leave the recording untouched, so the sound is like it was recorded live. However it absolutely fits to the compositions’ style.”

"Production is raw with a supernatural brutal aura" "Humut Tabal finishes things off with 'Ode to Misanthropy- This I Swear', a powerful track, perfect for leading the listener to the end of the CD and into the jaws of Lucifer" "As in their accompanying track, the thrash elements are there, but the hypnotic middle stanza is what really stands out." "Overall my judgement is extremely positive"

"This really sounds a lot more raw and a lot more...evil, in a way. Like the first track Smiting the Peons, this is just really too disgustingly good. I love the solo, very articulate & well crafted, and the vocals are very harsh but with an amazing performance behind them" "So, really, you know kind of what job Humut Tabal set out to do with this sound & they did a very fine job" "This band knows what they are doing"

“The way the three musicians played off each other’s parts was quite admirable and was one of the many reasons Humut Tabal’s mystical black metal delivered a consistent level of quality.”

“-Art lives in these young men. I think they will be bigger in Europe unless they can land a spot on metalocalypse. After all this genre of music is HUGE throughout the EU. As far as talent goes, these guys have it and personality to boot. It may make your ears bleed, but it'll be artistic complexly timed blood that's dripping :)...”

"Out of the steaming necropolis of the Texas underground comes an onslaught of roiling hate otherwise known as Humut Tabal"

"Humut Tabal, on the other end of the spectrum, are black metal with unholy force and no compromises."

"A new and energetic force of Black Metal has invaded the Lone Star State..."