Humungus / Press

“Break neck riffage and ripping vocal chords! Humungus revives everything pure about 80's thrash and trashes the rest. Their latest 7", 'Drink'n A Beer', attacks your ears with two raucous anthems. Delivering old school speed metal with razor sharp execution, these maniacs sound as gnarly as the Richmond basements from which they spewed forth.”

Forcefield Records

“These guys draw influences from all the right places, and all over the 80’s hard rock and metal map. Add in dual shredder metal guitars, a super tight rhythm section, and a frontman that not only looks the part, but can out-sing most dudes in this area, and you’ve got a really exciting show. These guys hold nothing back, and are totally relentless.”

“They have so much fun playing and bring so much energy and in your face attitude that you can’t help but head bang yourself stupid and still feel sore from it three days later.”

Chief Ryan's Brutal Beer and Metal

“This old school thrash metal band is just oozing with NWOBHM and San Francisco Bay Scene influences. Needless to say, they fucking kill it on stage.”

Chief Ryan's Brutal Beer and Metal