Humble Grumble / Press

“The whole album is surprisingly catchy and listenable, given its complex nature and avant-jazz influences.”

“This is an album I could probably spill many words over, but ultimately I feel it’s best if I shut up and leave the rest for your ears to discover.”

“Best described as a hybrid of Frank Zappa and King Crimson, Humble Grumble, led by guitarist and vocalist Gabor Voros, refuses to get stuck in a box or to fall into the trap of emulation.”

"The Italian AltrOck label has extremely high musical standards, and Humble Grumble, one of their latest signings as of early 2011, display this in spades.."

"the caliber of the musicianship throughout is amazing, and adventurous listeners will find plenty here to enjoy"

““Guzzle It Up” is a challenging, very well executed album of thinking man’s music. Highly recommended!”

"Highly recommended to any open-minded progressive rock fans, Guzzle It Up! may not be an easily approachable album, but is definitely an intriguing one."

"The level of composition and production herein are a full notch or two higher than on the band’s previous endeavor."

“I’ve been waiting for a long time for a fantastic recording to come along like this. In fact, I have not heard anything this great since the last X- Legged Sally release”

“Thanks to the professionalism in the arrangements, the band still distinguishes itself amongst the many other theatrical bands on the international scene. (Somehow all of these bands should be brought together on one stage in some event some time or another). This surely is one of the best contemporary Belgium examples.”

“Humble Grumble are a culturally diverse group, with plenty of attitude and a profound identity.”

“best live band i've ever seen! they funking folkingly jazzed the foundations of cwmaman institute to the core!”