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“December 2016 Artist Spotlight Kevin Nevel Winner Best R&B / Soul Song 'What You Do To Me' is so steamy there's barely atmosphere on hand for a deep breath - Kevin Moore has exploited an astonishing vocal talent to the end of great soul music.' Visit: http://ReverbNationwww.reverbnation.com/httpcdbabycomcdkevinnevel Listen to the award-winning song 'What You Do To Me' now! KEVIN NEVEL BEST R&B / SOUL SONG”

“Hello Kevin, I found you on Reverbnation. I just wanted to say that I appreciate the music you are putting out there. It is not common that I can find something I don't mind playing on repeat! Please keep up the great songs! -Thomas”

Thomas Rider - Thomas Rider Music

“The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Kevin Nevel the Semi-Finalist placement in the song contest for his Alt. Country song; "Do You?". Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Semi-Finalist placement in the songwriting competition. Jennifer Support Staff Song of the Year http://www.songoftheyear.com”

"Taylor Morrison & Kevin Nevel are a great pair" " I Love the song "Different". "Its nice to be in the presence of two caring individuals that helped young You Tuber, Nichole337 live her dream" "The song will definately go viral and get her message across" COLORADO LOVES YOU! Dennis Weaver Jr. - Colorado News & Enertainment

Dennis Weaver Jr. - Colorado News & Enertainment

"Taylor teaming up with your new songwriter Kevin Nevel has been a wise choice on your part. GREAT songs!" - Kassie Elliott, San Diego Musicians Group (Dec 01, 2012 Ms. Taylor Morrison Artist,Management, Production Promotion, Songplugging

San Diego Musicians Group

“Kevin, Thanks so much for contacting me about material for Jeremiah James. Your a breath of fresh air.. I love DO YOU, and FINE LINE these are Major Artist material!!! Keep up the great writing . ”

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“Gigi wrote: "Kevin Nevel is one of the most gifted and shockingly versatile writers I have ever came across in my life. I get butterflies when I think about whats coming next; I am so grateful to be working around such amazing talent." ”

“Kevin's songs are; simple, powerful and elegant! ”

“Kevin's songs give me major goosebumps, even just reading the lyrics! ”

“I wanted to inform you that our film Road to Sundance has been submitted to Sundance Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival 2012. So I would love to put together a few music tracks and songs including one piece "Twin Pillars Of Peace" from what you submitted to us for Road to Sundance’s trailer. ”

“My Name is Sherrie Fry. I have been singing Folk/Country music for quite a few years, both publicly and privately, so I have stage experience and have been lead singer in a Bluegrass band in my 20's. Now, I am in collaboration with a great songwriter named Kevin Nevel who; I feel, and apparently so do alot of other artists and labels, such as Virgin Records, that he is a great talent in songwriting. ”

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