“They are a pleasure to see live, as they are not only perfectly in sync with one another musically but also interact and connect with the crowd on a personal level, earning them an extremely devoted local fan base.”

“..they set the tone of the evening with a high-energy and well-crafted performance.”

“Lyrics and music surrounds us. The love of music and playing an instrument affects many people, but only the lucky few get the chance of becoming well-known and popular artists. HT5, an alternative rock band located in Baton Rouge is putting everything they have to make their dreams come True.”

“..The music is pure rock, and combines obvious influences from the past decade and a half of hits.”

“Henry:The:Fifth, headlined the show and treated everyone to an eclectic sampling of metal, alternative and progressive rock with some blues thrown in for good measure.”

“Henry:The:Fifth encompasses many aspects of rock, whether it be progressive, punk or even eclectic. One thing is for sure: when you hear them on stage, you won't soon forget them. The up-tempo energetic performance put on by these guys is a joy for any music fan to see. ”

“They list their musical influences as Iron Maiden, Coheed and Cambria, Incubus, A Perfect Circle, Tool and Blue Oyster Cult. Roll these bands into a big pot, simmer and stir lightly and what you get is…Henry:The:Fifth.”