Howling Diablos / Press

““It's da real thing in its own way.” - Al Kooper.”

“I watched the Howling Diablos perform at the International BluesFest in Windsor, Ontario, Canada this past July and was blown away by their raw, and gritty blues. Their talent was especially evident on songs such as 'Green Bottle', 'Prison Train', and 'Car Wash'.”

“With a raging inner fire befitting its name and is bleak, adrift-in-America stories straight out of the songbooks of Woody Guthrie and Johnny Cash, the Howling Diablos deal out a fierce brand of grit-rock-infused blues.”

““They filter the blues through their own prism and while it may sound old-school from a distance you don’t have to get much closer to get hooked on their gritty, urban twist.” – Classic Rock”

“Gritty, down and dirty blues rock'n'roll made in Detroit. “An exciting full-court press of urban grit and grunge understandable to Iggy Pop and the MC5.” - Downbeat.”

“This is one of the most important albums to come down the pike in long time. In its second week out, it’s already being played on 80 college radio stations across the country.”

“Detroit's Howling Diablos dominated the festival and gave us a UP musical highlight of decades. These master musicians roused even the toughest wolves in the crowd with their funky jam blues and Detroit rock & roll.”

“If you have heard of The Howling Diablos and have been enjoying their stew of soul, funk, rock and blues, I have one question to ask of you. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“The Howling Diablos play the blues with sweat and feeling.”

“Once you hear “Car Wash” by Howling Diablos, you will truly have the Blues”