Howlin' Bends / Press

"If you're looking for a band which deviates from the mainstream norm, look no further than the Howlin' Bends. Air guitarage maximus guaranteed!"

"I recently had the pleasure of accompanying Howlin Bends during their recording session at Blue Room Productions. It’s obvious, being friends with the members of this band, that I may be slightly biased towards their music. But who can blame me? They rock! Plain and simple. They have been band mates for many years now and their comradery is certainly reflected in their sound. MJ’s screaming pipes, Andrew’s wailing guitar, Alex’s infectious drumbeats, and Daniel’s impromptu bass lines generate the perfect collaboration of talent, resulting in a raw, real, true sound. These gentlemen are not afraid to branch out and master complicated rhythms, as heard in their upcoming EP. Their potential is astounding and their goals are well on their way to being met. Howlin Bends is sincerely passionate about making music and sharing their music and it has been incredible to witness their growth and be part of their journey."