House of Soul / Press

“Let’s Move is a solid debut. While House of Soul aren’t pioneers in the band-based house music field, they are going down a road not many have traveled recently. The execution of all the players involved and Grason’s production skills would be graded extremely well on any scale, let alone for an independent, debut project. And for all of this, House of Soul should be commended, and played on repeat.”

“In an age when parties are started by pressing “play” on a MacBook, and partygoers are more often glued to their smartphones than to each other, House of Soul is remixing the concept of a dance party. House of Soul pulsates music like a DJ would – but with real instruments – to create a personal and intimate approach to making a crowd sweat. It’s the kind of music you’d hear at 2:00 a.m. at a loft party, at the U Street Music Hall or a Deep Sugar party in Baltimore. The band’s debut album, “Let’s Move,” draws on influences like Jamiroquai, Incognito and DJ Louis Vega, fusing house, funk and soul into groovy, uplifting jams. Taking a cue on keeping a party going from dance DJs and go-go bands, the six-piece House of Soul weaves improvised grooves, "remixes" of classic selections and original tunes into non-stop, thumping sets. They create an uninterrupted experience of grooviness, encouraging listeners to lose themselves completely in the music.”