Hour of Shame / Press

“Fans of Alice in Chains and Staind might wanna continue reading this review. The songs on this EP are heavy but melodic, don´t expect any uptempo tracks here because Hour of Shame focus on slow rockers where the singer remind of Layne Staley a lot. Good stuff.”

“Rocking hard for about a half hour, the audience was drained, sweaty, and smiling. While there was a technical problem mid-set, I've never seen a band deal with complications so smoothly. ”

“I’ve never heard ANYONE attempt a cover of Nine Inch Nail’s ‘Closer’ – especially a band with NO KEYBOARDIST! Equally surprising was their cover of Tool’s “Aenema” – again, not something I’d ever seen attempted by mere mortals.”

“The ability they have shown with this E.P in such early days is a great start and the band definitely have the potential to break into a rather large market, and I feel personally that these tunes are better than most of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS latest album.”

“Vocalist James has a strong presence on the stage, confident vocalizations with enough self parody to make you as the audience feel in on the joke. Very entertaining & worth catching”

"HoS brings the perfect blend of hard alternative and havy rock topped with a bit of metallic icing"

“If you like your music with hook filled soaring guitar parts, steady drum beats and strong vocals that are often singing about gritty subject matter then you’ll enjoy listening to Hour of Shame’s music a lot.”

“The second band to take the stage was HOUR OF SHAME. For band recognition they deserve a 10. The crowd was really into their music and the band seemed really into their fans old and new. Crowd response gets a 10 in my book. I am looking forward to hearing them again real soon. Overall rating 10”