Houndstooth Bindles / Press

“Columbus trio Houndstooth Bindles has made it through somewhat of an identity crisis this year after reforming its band and revamping its sound. Comprised of singer and banjo player Virginia Pishioneri, bassist Bill Wolfe and his brother, guitarist Hermano, the band went from playing folk tunes to punk rock after its mandolin and fiddle players left the group in the spring. Pishioneri said that the band’s music can be described as a “hybrid of rockabilly punk and bluegrass.””

“The musicians of Houndstooth Bindles straddle two worlds: They create folksy, rollicking music amid life in central Ohio neighborhoods such as Clintonville and Old Oaks.”

"Raucous energy runs rampant through these six tracks of twang with a bang."

“The gem on the EP is Graveyard Grass. Virginia sings the story of love lost in a seemingly careless and unapologetic manner that somehow makes the loss sting just that much more...It’s one of the most “old-timey” on the EP, and it sounds absolutely genuine. The song reads like it was written on a 1920’s riverboat and hidden away until the Bindles’ got a hold of it.”