Hot Soup / Press

“I came prepared for a good time and Hot Soup delivered. Along with Flaherty and Misner, Hot Soup staged percussionist Scott Parker Mast, Saxophonist Mirco Altenbach, and Bassist Adrian Engfer. Hot Soup’s performance was varied and fun, from cool original tunes to covers like “Fight for your Right” or “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,” the band seemed to be comfortable and having fun with all of the material. I was impressed with Adrian Engfer’s style of bass rifts and amazed by Mirco Altenbach’s sax mixed with keyboard performance. Misner’s drumming was delicious and in good combination with Mast. Flaherty tore it up on the guitar.”

“Ween tribute Matt Flaherty plays guitar with Hot Soup, and his band's paying tribute to Ween's Quebec album at the Fox. "Hot Soup has been around for three years," Flaherty said. "We're a Boulder band that started off playing more jazz and funk. Now we're more into rock and funk music, and we're a little heavier. "This will be the third time we've played the Fox. We're planning on branching out to play Denver." "We wanted to do a cover set for Halloween, so I suggested Ween," Flaherty said. "We had listened to this record on some road trips. It's a really cool album and it goes to a lot of places. "The record starts out heavier and gets psychedelic. It's a well-written album and it was fun to learn. We're going to bring the songs to the Fox and make them fresher -- it would be boring to play them note for note." Hot Soup will be taking some liberties with the Ween tunes, so look for longer improvs and jams on the classic songs. ”