Hot Mouth / Press

“Next up was another local punk/power pop band led by Greg "Stainboy" Reinel. He did the provocative poster design for this show, and acted like a rather polite John Lydon on stage. With matching grey pearlescent guitar and drum kit and some spiffy red vinyl shoes, this group has a great look and sound. Hot Mouth did mostly original numbers ("I'll Stop at Nothing to Get to You," "Legend in My Mind") and a solid cover of Cheap Trick's "Look Out," but what really sold me was the beautifully back-lit spit spray Reinel sent over the audience as he tried to bait them into dancing. ”

“After the 2007 death of his brother-in-rock Jeff Wood, Greg Reinel swore he was done and focused on his career as rock-poster artist Stainboy. But I knew that the fire would eventually rise in his belly again; it always does with dyed-in-the-wool rockers like him. And honestly, I knew the irrepressible Wood and I can’t imagine that he’d want Reinel to do anything else but keep kicking ass. Filled out by bassist Phil Longo and drummer Pete “Panda” Langlois, Hot Mouth’s debut performance featured some repurposed Nutrajet songs – which is a great thing, considering the strength of that legendary material. This band inherits Nutrajet’s approach of delivering strong melodies with the sleaze, grit and snot of the classic underground. Unlike Nutrajet, however, they ride a big rock thunder that’s more rumble than slash. And judging from the strength of the non-Nutrajet numbers, everyone’s in for a good old-school ass-beating. ”

Bao Le-Huu - Orlando Weekly