Hot Jam Factory / Press

“It’s as if the band found a way to combine the best parts of Arcade Fire with the best parts of Cage The Elephant without sounding like a knockoff of either project. You can view the video below.”

“Hot Jam Factory exists in a unique alternate universe where vintage sounds collide with modern indie rock... Yet, as a whole, the music still feels entirely its own, and listeners can tell that the band has a heck of a lot of fun making it...”

"Hot Jam Factory is a name that stands on it's own," Mark Boeshore of Columbia Records.

Mark Boeshore - Mark Boeshore of Columbia Reacords

"Hot Jam Factory is a 5 piece musical movement that stretch their boundaries anywhere from Vintage Garage Rock to powerful Folk ballads and even Dance. Their extravagant live performances offer many surprises, from full horn sections to performance art. In their very young but promising career they've been turning heads in music industry and almost certainly will be a buzz band in the very near future. Experience Hot Jam Factory on the Depot Stage Saturday"

“The band creates a heavy connection between their music and the visual arts that accompany it. From creating compelling music videos to mocking up projections to accompany live performances... Hot Jam Factory creates a whole world to nurture and support their musical sound. ...and continue to dig into paintings and textures to draw further inspiration for their music.”

“From the moment we first talked and they explained what style of music they do I was hooked and excited to work with them. Needles to say they did not let me down. If you put together jangly guitar chords over a big back beat, add a gritty bass, weave some honest lyrics with unforgettable melodies & smooth haunting background vocals, add a splash of reverb and keep it jagged around the edges you get the basic sound of Hot Jam Factory. But they are not done there…. these songs can go from sounding like old blues tunes or lean towards raw garage rock. When I hear one of their songs for the first time, I never know what we will end up doing with it.”

“Hot Jam Factory is probably the most underrated band. . . They are by far one of the most original bands I’ve come across. It’s like they created their own genre, but they don’t sound like shit. They sound wonderful! I really love this band a lot. Live, they are SO fun to dance and lose it to.”