Hot Ham & Cheese / Press

“This is the music that you imagine when you see badass Harley's tearing through your neighborhood. Once again, Hot Ham & Cheese has done Cleveland proud, with one of the year's best hard rock albums. Even sweeter is the fact that this is just the first of two EP's HHC is releasing in the near future, so stay tuned for more!”

"Hot Ham & Cheese – Revolution & Revelations (Jib Machine) The kitchen sink approach to song writing has treated the Cleveland trio well, mixing elements of Tool, Clutch and Black Sabbath into its own brand of hard rock. Revolution & Revelations, the band's full-length debut, had enough staying power and quirky metal goodness to last the whole year

“Cleveland power trio Hot Ham & Cheese moves between punk, metal, and hard rock like it's throwing a triple combo to your ribs, kidney, and head. Revolution & Revelations isn't exactly a knockout blow, but it packs some punch. Singer-guitarist Charlie gets political on "New Bomb/Vietnam," singing, "Said it wouldn't be Vietnam/Just gonna get Saddam." You can practically hear his spit fly. The band faces more danger at home, navigating a minefield of pills, loose women, and assorted homicidal maniacs. Bassist Louie Styx and drummer Robby Mitchell play rugged and rough, captured in the act by Track Six studio engineer Brandon Youngs and producer Don Debiase, who (again) provide some of the city's most reliably crisp-and-crunchy sounds. Another couple of albums like this, and they'll all be heavyweights”

“Local alt-rock trio Hot Ham & Cheese offer a self-described “strange mixture” of many different musical styles; their kitchen sink philosophy on creative songwriting recalls everything from punk and the apocalyptic dirge of Black Sabbath, Melvins and Soundgarden, to avant rockers Primus/Sausage, swirling post-psychedelia and even a pinch of 311 for good measure. Edgy, but never sloppy, the group seems to dig that rebellious, lo-fi sound.”