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“There’s an amazing new rock album out, but you probably already know about Deep Purple’s Now What?! Rock & Roll Graveyard, by local favorites Hotel Oscar, is even better—12 tracks that live up to the promise of the band’s 2012 Beachcomber Music Award winning Burgers & Fries. It’s an album that gets everything right— performance, songwriting, production (funky horns that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s witnessed vocalist-guitarist Mose Wilson’s James Brown tributes), packaging… everything.“We knew we wanted to record in analog but knew it would be difficult in terms of time and money,” says Wilson. “There aren’t many analog studios around, but we found a guy in Nashville (that could capture) the ‘old school’ rock ‘n roll sound. It was all recorded pretty much ‘live,’ and we did all the tracking and mixing in two weeks........”

"..A jam band vibe, to the slow churning of Robert Johnson style blues, and nearly everything in between.. Call them a throwback, Americana, or a band that takes rock back to it's roots-but don't assume they are predictable.."

Nikki Hedrick - 850Music.com

"At times southern, often bluesy, and always Rock n' Roll, Hotel Oscar from Destin, Fl prides itself on original tracks and a knack for the singer/song-writer style... Hotel Oscar brings a sound infused with various genres of music"

Rebekah Suwak - FSUnews.com

"Best Album" and "Best Rock Band"

Christopher Manson - The Beachcomber Magazine

"Local Rock Band Hotel Oscar creates new songs inspired by the classics"

Katy Houghton - The Destin Log

"They can be a little Phishy, cause some Widespread Panic, and maybe even raise the Grateful Dead."

Dannica Lowery - Beachcomber Magazine