Hot Day at the Zoo / Press

“HDATZ pens tunes that ease up to one real easy and then stick around by invitation once one’s gotten to know them. Oh, these guys play and sing as well as just about any outfit working mandolins and acoustic guitars, but it’s ultimately their damn fine, workingman’s songwriting, right from the beginning, that’s endeared them to DI.”

“Hot Day At The Zoo proved a crowd pleaser when they drew several audience members onto the dance floor between the tables and the stage.”

“Fans of the acoustic Grateful Dead, as well as of New Riders of the Purple Sage and Jerry Garcia’s side project, Old & In the Way, should pay attention to this hard-driving New England string band.”

"Zoograss" is one of the best albums to come out in a long time. It spans genres, unites fans of multiple sounds, and infuses such a frenetic energy into the listener that after only one song they are die-hard fans until the day they die.

“On Zoograss, what you hear is a high-energy gig played by musicians who are so fluent they can jump out into adventurously layered solos without ever sounding like they're noodling between tokes.”

"Hot Day's best offerings strike a balance between bemused souls and screw-it abandon that isn't tethered to any one emotion. They're a band that can encore with a bluegrassed-up Steely Dan song (My Old School) that makes sense for no reason at all.

“With this album, HDATZ has shown us their souls and their extreme musical talent. Both instrumentally and lyrically they have surpassed their first album and they should be commended for it because now, there is no stopping them.”

“Layered with intricacy and depth, Hot Day at the Zoo reminds listeners of the best Americana has to offer while exploring the ability to tell stories via melody that has seemed to be forgotten in most of the mainstream world. ”

"Whether it's punchy undercurrent of "Gypsy Moon" and "Lost" or the near-perfct mellow hipness of the Grateful Dead-ified title track, HDATZ brings a contemporary sensibility to its sound that makes it likeable to even the most bluegrass-phobic listeners."

“Acoustic has never sounded so electric!”

Boston Globe

“The new EP does show a creative leap from Cool As Tuesday. The sound is more diverse, and the arrangements are more tightly meshed.”

“Bluegrass young bloods, Hot Day at the Zoo, respect the music’s tradition but tug the genre in ways Bill Monroe and Earl Scruggs never expected!”

Boston Phoenix

“HDATZ sprawls and folds in plenty of flavors without making "polyglot" a necessary adjective. And the three-set show is their specialty. Everyone goes home tired and satisfied, and each song makes the beer taste a little bit better.”

“HDATZ brings a contemporary sensibility to its sound that makes it likeable to even the most bluegrass-phobic listener”

Hippo Press

“It's clear these boys are primo pickers but they're developing a strong sense of where to cut back so the songs shine. It's something a lot of string bands don't get, strumming so hard you can't help but notice the player at the expense of the tune... In tone and delivery it's reminiscent of Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia in their early '70s heyday, a cut worthy of American Beauty/Workingman's Dead.”


“Coming from a state that managed to produce both New Kids on the Block and Aerosmith, we should have been prepared for the day when four nice Massachusetts boys would rock out with bluegrass instruments and form a band that’s destined to become a powerful musical demigod.”

“HDATZ brings a forceful modern backbone to support their time-tested acoustic instrumentation and rootsy, bluesy, bluegrassy songwriting.”

“Hard to believe a band with so much cracked corn soul is from Massachusetts. There’s homebrewed magic here and returning for more swigs has only convinced me further of its kick. Take notice, Hot Day is gonna be around for a while!”