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About the music

gypsy jazz aka gypsy swing, hot jazz, or jazz manouche
ranges from upbeat, fun, & lively – and danceable! -- to mellow, pleasant, & sophisticated... depending on what the room calls for
acoustic and mostly string-based – no drums or horns
old-timey swing and jazz music from the 20s and 30s, similar to ragtime & Dixieland
exotic Eastern European flavors from gypsy cultures
strong backbeat, like bluegrass, which serves to drive the music without drums
more down-to-earth than modern, abstract jazz
played with Old World flair and charm, and fiery passion!

Common instruments in the genre are gypsy guitars, upright bass, violin, & clarinet, sometimes with accordion, mandolin, melodica, or others. No drums or horns!

About the band

We usually play as a 4-piece, but we can work from a duo on up, depending on what the projected budget is.

The repertoire consists of gypsy jazz standards including Django originals, swing tunes from mostly the 20s and 30s, some Latin numbers, and a few comedic film soundtrack songs! The group is a collective of many musicians, including some of Portland's best.
The Hot Club has performed at several venues around town, including the Press Club, a long-running series at Jam on Hawthorne, Biddy McGraw's, Portland Saturday Market, the Jade Lounge, Beaterville Cafe, the Globe, and Thirst Bistro, as well as private events. We were featured on live TV on KGW, and the video was shared widely and very well received by many.

About the name

"Hot Club" jazz is a genre of early jazz, with exotic gypsy flavors, played primarily on acoustic stringed instruments. French gypsy Django Reinhardt was the most famous artist in the genre, as well as one of the innovators; our ensemble is largely modeled after his. His group, the Hot Club of France Quintet, was named after the "Hot Clubs" which were European jazz appreciation societies in the 1930s. There have been countless "Hot Club" bands since then worldwide.



The Hot Club of Hawthorne was formed in spring of 2011 by leader and sole core member Jeffree White.


The Hot Club of Hawthorne has performed at the following venues:
the Press Club
Jam on Hawthorne
Biddy McGraw's
Gotham Tavern
Portland Saturday Market
the Jade Lounge
People's Art of Portland
Beaterville Cafe
the Globe
a 50th wedding anniversary party in Maupin, OR
Newspace Photography Center's grand opening pre-party
Thirst Bistro
private event at retirement community
and, the streets of Hawthorne!


The Hot Club of Hawthorne has included the following musicians:

Jeffree White, guitar
Russell Gores, guitar & upright bass
Tommy Houston, guitar
Jim Delaney, upright bass
Joel Morrisette, guitar & mandolin
Jason Reichert, dobro
Lance Vallis, guitar
Bret Malmquist, guitar
Dennis Hitchcox, guitar
Flauren Ricketts, violin
Jeffrey Reynolds, violin
Ben Schroeder, violin
Larry Nobori, clarinet
Andrew Alikhanov, clarinet
Ben Larsen, mandolin
Gail Streicker, mandolin
Kevin Eastes, upright bass
Andrew Jones, upright bass
Dan Golden, upright & electric bass
Albert McDonnell, upright bass
Ryan Babichuk, upright bass
Dan Davis, upright bass
Bob Burgeni, upright bass & melodica
Joshua Birns-Sprague, melodica

and several others participating in the jams!

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Band Members
Jeffree White ~ guitar, plus a collective of many instrumentalists
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Hot Club of Hawthorne
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Portland, OR

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