Hostage Party / Press

“Published on Monday 28 November 2011 17:08 LOCAL band Hostage Party have been crowned kings of local music scene and have landed an amazing career-launching prize as they have won this year’s Battle of the Bands at Bryson’s Bar. The competition was fierce in the contest which required acts from all around the country to qualify, win their heat against four other bands and then play to a live audience and panel of judges. The show was memorable and saw guitars thrown across the stage, fans singing along with the songs and at one point the bands even invaded the crowd to join in with the fun! But above all there was an overwhelming amount of homegrown talent on display with from all the acts -Hostage Party (Mid Ulster), Steering Fail (Belfast), Sethway (Ballymena) and The Institute (Mid-Ulster) putting on great performances worthy of much bigger stages. But it was local lads Hostage Party who emerged victorious and are set to have a shining career in the music business.”

“Hostage Party recorded their first 3-track CD in 2011 and since then have heard their songs played on radio stations across the country including Radio Ulster and BBC Radio 1! “The feedback has been amazing” says singer/guitarists, Michael O’Donnell and Peter Hughes. “Its incredible to hear our songs, which we have put so much effort into writing, played on national radio. But when its accompanied with comments from respected DJ’s such as ‘I am going to have to go and see that band live’ or ‘We’ll be hearing a lot more from that band’ it gets all the more exciting." The band are developing a reputation for explosive live shows and it is something the guys are all proud of. “The gigs have been getting better and better." The songs are available on itunes: ‘Disaster’: The most powerful of rock songs, described by gig-goers as an ‘Anthem,’ ‘Show of Strength’ a catchy upbeat song laden with melodic hooks and deep lyrics ‘School’ Carlsberg don’”