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“Future generations will listen to your music and they'll praise the beauty of your mastership - not only my humble person! •♫♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ and peace - cesli”

Cesli Vane - Reverbnaton.com

“From: Artist - Sills & Smith    What I love is the expressiveness and empathy in your playing. You seem to get right inside a piece. It's seems as natural as breathing. Listening to Waves again as I type this. Really beautiful tune, wonderfully played. Take care, Frank; Sills & Smith. ”

Sills & Smith - Reverbnation

“Hello John my friend... Each sound acts as an object within a three-dimensional array and directs our listening to the joy that comes from silence, thrift, and humility. That's a masterful way to play the guitar. P&l cesli”

Cesli Vane - Reverbnation

“John..You took my breath away :) "Tears in Heaven" has always been one of my fave songs to perform live, and still is :) Gives me chills..You captured every beautifully haunting chord progression wonderfully and you managed to bring tears to my eyes :) Bravo John..Much love and Respect always.. Jen xoxo”

She SaiD & Hillbilly Dix She SaiD & Hillbilly Dix - Reverbnation

“Its sunday morning and I've decided to toss work off and sit and listen to some of your tunes. You cant put a price on freedom..! Ha. take it easy matey. Catch up soon.”

Slavs - Reverbnation

“ ‘Faith’ took me on a beautiful journey, I loved it. It didn’t feel sad to me, on the contrary I felt uplifted. You are so gifted and your music inspires me. Wishing you continuous success! ”

Marie-Anne Fischer - Reverbnation

“Aziza Miller - Jazz / Soul / Poetry. I love your dynamics, phrasing, and style of playing. Your playing defines what music really is! Thank you for preserving the truth.... ”

Aziza Miller - Reverbnation

“I never thought i would hear "stairway to heaven" anew...you got me ... very nice... almost like i never heard it before. nice touch on the FX also... just enough ... ..”

Billy T Scrapper - Reverbnation

“No words, but a poem to response to your way of playing the guitar! "It's a bright shining light which keeps darkness at the bay A gentle cold breeze on a hot summer day." {Vineet Bansal} "Wunderbar" ”

Cesli Vane

“It's no wonder you're one of my most favourite guitar player artists, you play with such feeling and emotions, it not only touches my heart but the soul as well. I love everything I hear from you, thanks.”

Evan Paul - Reverbnation

“Beautiful! I can't express in words just how much I am moved by the music you are playing here. Thank you so much for sharing :) Jaki”

Jaki Song - Reverbnation

“Just one guitar... and a virtuoso who is called 'Hose'... it's not just your technical prowess and intimate knowledge of the fretboard, its your style, grace and emotion that weaves magic and new life into these timeless covers.”

Ian Stokol - Reverbnation

“Stairway to heaven is one of my favourite songs, and your version is absolutely wonderful, thank you Hose for being such a great musician! regards Mauro.”

Mauro Gentile - Reverbnation

“De nouvelles musiques magnifiques ! Ta version de stairway to heaven est formidable.. Quel son, quelle sensibilité, et.. qu'elle technique, tu es un guitariste de grand talent !! ”

Jean-Christophe - Reverbnation