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“Horseskull comes out of North Carolina packing some heavy murky outlaw arcane doom. Anthony Staton (vocals and guitar), Michael Avery (guitar and effects), Robb Hewlett (bass and effects), and Steve Smith (drums) put out gut-felt music with a no-holds-barred quality and the attitude to match. Occult, dark, intelligent, and swampy: There’s nothing else quite like the way they rock and roll. Click link for full interview.”

"If you like your doom, sludge or whatever distorted heavy music low and cool and unstained from posers and retro dressed chicks and falcettos, here you go."

“Horseskull bring to the table - nasty, sweaty, poorly dressed and most likely drunk kinda music, like a good old-fashioned tavern brawl. Headbanging indeed.”

“Four piece rockers Horseskull reign out of Raleigh, North Carolina and they're heavy, loud and filthy. There's just a thick grooved feel to this album. Although they do consider themselves doom, and there are those elements, the majority of the the album is more upbeat to me with a twist of southern sludge. The first two songs have heavy screaming with riffalicious grooves. With the third song 'Pay Your Dues' starts off similar but breaks down into something different. His vocals sound like the man is in pain and the music has almost a sad feel to it. The 56 second 'Cunting Birds' plays out to be a hauntingly, nightmarish break in the album that goes into 'The Devil'. It jams along into more of a classic Clutch ambiance. Then 'Ara:h:ari' finishes off this little gem with over just over ten minutes of tripped out heaviness and psychedelia. HeadSpin Records will be releasing this baby on vinyl soon so pick it up!”

“Horseskull's sound is a blend of doom and heavy metal. Six tracks are included in ”Horseskull”. I think this is old school music we’ re talking about here. This album has a lot of groove as it has many psychedelic elements in my opinion. And it is undoubtedly filled with a lot of heaviness. It kinda took me back to the 00’s. A time where bands like Spiritual Beggars where the shit. Something that you will definitely appreciate in today’ s album is the band’ s epic vocals. Really liked their singer’ s vocals. I also the groove in their songs. For example check out ”The Devil”. Extremely heavy riffs can be found in this album from the first to the last second. Distorted guitars and huge basslines make this album even more pleasant to my ears. So to sum up i think this is a really nice release. Specially recommended for fans of Spiritual Beggars, Grand Magus, Orange Goblin & Cathedral. So if you’ re a fan of the bands that are listed above do yourself a favor and liste”

“Horseskull is a four piece sludge/doom metal band from Raleigh, North Carolina. Their mission, to plunge a heavy stake into the heart of the masses.With the release of their 6 track debut album, Horseskull may very well achieve that mission. May I add that this album is damn good! Let the sludge consume you below.”

“HORSESKULL is excited to announce the release of our debut album on HeadSpin Records (Netherlands). The album will be available in either black or marbled purple and white vinyl. It comes housed in a majestic gatefold sleeve with insert and download card. Headspin Records offers heavy stoner and psych rock sounds by bands, including GRAVIATORS, PORCUPINE TREE, SUN DIAL, SIENA ROOT, ETERNAL ELYSIUM, CIRCLE, NIGHTSTALKER, ORANGE SUNSHINE, INSTANT FLIGHT and THREE SEASONS. Check 'em out online at headspinrecords.nl and like 'em on Facebook. HORSESKULL is proud to be working with HeadSpin Records. Turn Up, Tune Down and DOOM ON!”

“Horseskull are an absolute must hear proposition for nuts who love doom, sludge, Sabbath, and beyond. The songcraft is authentic and expertly designed, every single element proving the mettle of its player. From the vocals, to the sheer blues overdrive going on with the instruments in these 6 hopelessly doom fucked tracks, there’s not one awkward moment or sound that shouldn’t have been there to my ears. Any labels out there game for putting this out? Seriously, I want to see this beast backed with support and some fine artwork, it deserves it. Like Sonic Witchcraft, When the Black Sun Rises, Demo 2002, and all the Soulpreacher that preceded it, I’ll be listening to this release for years to come. CHECK OUT THE ENTIRE REVIEW AT http://www.hellridemusic.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=27009”

“It was my first time seeing Horseskull, and I liked their combination of classic doom and Southern rock. I especially liked the song that was about "bad women and bad drugs." If someone wants to tell me the name of that song I would appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing them again.”

"Horseskull's Arahary, for instance, is a long-range rumination on far-out blues, its central riff shot through passages alternately savage and cerebral. They're like the day laborers of heavy locals, more interested in continuing the trails of Sleep and Eyehategod than bushwhacking through forks of their own."

“Raleigh's Horseskull recently started a bit of an Internet firestorm with a bold pronouncement via social media that declared its members were "unsatisfied with the current offering of so called 'doom metal' bands." Some local heavies took exception to this and took their complaints to the most metal place of all time—yes, Internet complaint threads. Shit-talking aside, Horseskull is what it proclaims to be—a blown-out cave-doom project with a mid-'90s flavor augmented by downtuned guitars and slow, bluesy riffs made far crunchier with effects pedals. That's kind of a silly basis for an extended flame war.”

“Horseskull put on a fucking incredible show at Scumfest. Between the brutal riffs and powerful effects, I was surprised by just how insanely hard you guys rocked.”

Anna Massoglia - Anna Massoglia

“Hipsters say Horseback .... I say HORSESKULL !!!! You guys rocked Scumfest. Looking forward to seeing lots more !!”

Andy Miller (KIFF) - Andy Miller (KIFF)

“If You loved the old SOULPREACHER .. You will love HORSESKULL. Best new Raleigh band going doom punk psychedelic brain melting metal !!”

Andy Miller - Andy Miller (KIFF)