"if you're into rockabilly, swing, country, jump-jive, southern rock, rocking blues or garage rock, you'll dig the HCT. Whatever you call this trio's brand of music, they do it with intensity and skill. Get in, sit down, shut up and hold on!"

Redneck Matt - "Hillbilly Heaven Radio"

"If you like your rockabilly served with a high-octane jolt, try these cats on for size. If you think of the Stray Cats with an Americana edge, you're on the right track. Starting off full-throttle with the hard driving, "Hillbilly Rock'n'Roll", these boys never let up"

Roger Lelievre - Ann Arbor News

"Basic, unadorned rockabilly is what the Horse Cave Trio is all about."

Alan Mayes - "OL' SKOOL RODZ"

"That this urgent and unabashed neo-rockabilly essay is individuated with neatly-turned flourishes of hill country sway and old-time gospelizing is but one of two necessary information pieces. the other? These three kick ass!"


““The HCT star is rising. Plain and simple, well-executed roots rockabilly is the specialty of these talented guys. This latest cd lives up to the pattern set by their first and by their live performances.”

Ed Murrow - "OL' SKOOL RODZ"

"Curb Service" is a big step forward. "The HCT are'nt afraid to spread their wings stylistically and easily cover all of the musical bases between blues, rockabilly, country and good old rock'n'roll. Check out this disc and don't miss the band live!"

Jeremy Baldwin - "the Roots Music Project/WEMU"