Horrorscopes / Press

“It feels like you are being invited into a world where super models make out while breast feeding their pet cheetahs at the sushi bar. ”

“Most bands say they are influenced by a variety of genres, but with San Francisco’s Horrorscopes, you can actually hear that variety of influences in their music... However they developed their sound or whatever you choose to call it, the formula works and can best be understood by simply listening.”

“the San Francisco-based quartet have mastered a calypso-meets-electro sound...Lyrically stunning and undeniably catchy”

“Glistening guitars, addictive synth riffs, and a cruising bassline that perfectly complements the rangy, DGAF vocals.”

“Easy samba beats float in to the room under a shroud of magic mushrooms and the listener is encouraged to lay supine and sip indulgently to the warming glove of material that Horrorscopes deliver”