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““Get High” is an upbeat, explosive, dance-worthy step forward. It does get pretty close to dubstep, but it retains enough of the breaks feel to keep its own identity. Horny Andy’s best songs have always had a well-developed sense of drama, but with this track, he lets his hair down and unleashes an unapologetic old school stomper. The builds and dramatic pauses in some of his earlier work are now fleshed out with the kind of energetic and borderline brutal drops that the builds deserve. “Get High” is a high energy offering, firing on all twelve cylinders, but does not lose some of that spacey charm Horny Andy’s earlier work had. You will be attracted to the heavy use of drum & bass and how well the beat and rhythm flows. It invokes a very intense emotion, like a suspenseful song you’d hear to prepare you for an upcoming, epic climax that was about to unravel right before your very eyes. It will hype you up and get your adrenaline going....Check out the article....”

“KDC116: "Necroboy & Bl1tz - Enter The Night EP" with Forufreezer, Horny Andy and Frequency Less remixes is OUT this Monday 18th August on Beatport Exclusive two weeks! Second remix is from the practically unstoppable Andrea Ornetti aka Horny Andy, that between Breaks, Glitch Hop and Electro House releases each time enormously huge stuff, like this Glitch Hop obscure and inspiring remix. So stay tight and don't hesitate, just Enter The Night right now grabbing the tunes while still truly hot! https://soundcloud.com/kindcrime-recordings/sets/kdc116-necroboy-bl1tz-enter”

“KDC121: "Horny Andy - You Got It, Swagger / Rage" is OUT this Monday 22nd September on Beatport Exclusive two weeks! Andrea Ornetti aka Horny Andy is an unstoppable eclectic EDM producer, passing through heavy Electro and Tear Out Breaks to boombasto Glitch Hop and Electro House productions the man has quite a lot of cool tunes out there both with KindCrime and with other cool labels like In Bloom or Breaks.sk. This time he's representing once again with a single -2 original mixes- release: A side is a Retro Hardcore Breaks tune with a touch of actual Trappy Breaks elements and dark electro basslines, while the B side is a pure Glitch Hop tune, seasoned with moving high-ending synths, obscure atmospheres and madly hot basses. You Got It, Swagger, so now dance or rot! https://soundcloud.com/kindcrime-recordings/sets/kdc121-horny-andy-you-got-it-swagger”

“Andrea Ornetti aka Horny Andy, that is already out on Home Alone's In Bloom Recordings, comes up with this destroyer release on KindCrime: The A side is a totally banger Electro Breaks original mix, full of power and energy conferred by crazily programmed basslines and strong drums, the B side instead is a truly Electro House anthem capable to ignite any dancefloor. Both dark as usual and significantly heavy are two perfect ammunitions in your collection, but to be fired with extreme care!”

“Italian breaks producer, Horny Andy, has let loose his entry to the Carl Cox remix comp that has running recently. The track provides some quality, bouncy beats and bass along with some funky horns and a touch of dubstep. Get on the download!”

“Cuando se trata de grandes artistas de la música de baile en Reino Unido, se nos viene rápidamente a la cabeza el nombre de Carl Cox. Uno de los más grandes deejays y productores que ha entregado su vida para hacer sonreír a millones de clubbers desde mediados de los 80, así como en esta ocasión es particularmente fortuito encontrarnos con una de sus producciones clásicas del Techno publicada allá por el año 1996. Nos referimos a The Player, titulo al que hacia homenaje a comienzos de este año con una referencia cargada de remixes actuales bajo el sello Bush Records. Desde UK nos trasladamos a Brescia (Italia) donde Andrea Ornetti conocido artísticamente como Horny Andy se pone manos a la obra reinterpretando este clásico para darnos la oportunidad de volver a escuchar una gran producción cargada de buen rollo junto a una portentosa base Breaks que nos hace bailar sin parar mientras nos acompaña un espectacular saxofón mientras nos transportamos a una tremenda atmósfe”

“Nueva referencia del sello canadiense Breakz R Boss, se trata del tema titulado Dream 2 Step de McTwist y que lleva consigo las vocales de Pamela June. Referencia muy completa, ya que aparte de cuatro remixes Breaks, también nos ofrece un corte Dubstep y otro Progressive House en los que participan desde Kraymon o Sketi pasando por Horny Andy, Frenz E o Stex, sin olvidar la participación de nuestro compañero Geon. Geon nos ha vuelto a dar una buena lección de Breaks, desde la creación de una base con un ritmo y un rollo increíble que nos recuerda al USA Breaks de hace ya unos años, hasta la inclusión de unas secuencias magistrales a medio camino entre la melodía y los pianos mas clásicos. También las líneas de bajo y el uso de las vocales originales le dan un toque fantástico, para rematar la faena tenemos una parada de esas que te ponen los vellos de punta…. ”

“Justo ahora tomamos rumbo a Italia…. Esta vez para hacernos eco de una producción realizada por uno de sus habitantes, nos referimos a Horny Andy que aprovecha la energía del caos universal parando el tiempo lo suficiente para ofrecernos una pista de una velocidad excelente, toda una bomba que definiríamos como Nu Skool Psy Breaks y que en esta ocasión ha sido publicada por el sello In Bloom Recordings respaldado por un Remix del productor británico Matskie. Un tema que ha servido de gran influencia para desatar la expectación del artista ruso Dmitriy Ivaniv al que actualmente conocemos como Detach y hace unos años se hacía llamar DJ Vanish. El tema original ya desprendía una velocidad junto a un rollo Psy / Nu Skool trenzado junto a bombos y sintetizadores que han servido para que Detach precisara aún más este tema y le diera una contundencia esencial para las pistas de baile.”

“Ecco sbarcare anche sulla In Bloom Recordings un grandissimo e profondo estimatore del Breaks sound. Sto parlando dell’amico Horny Andy che si sta facendo largo a spallate nella scena mondiale collezionando un successo dietro l’altro su molte delle migliori labels e anche a sto giro ci fa sentire il suo ultimo singolo in uscita proprio oggi. “Funk Dancing” é un pezzone molto equilibrato nelle sonorità, dal beat bello pesante, nel suo tipico stile Techy, ma al contempo dalla grande musicalità, passando da tratti cattivi ed incazzati a pad che creano situazioni eteree che ben si sposano tra loro dando vita ad una perfetta traccia Breaks!! Accompagna la release anche il remix di un altro mostro della scena, l’inglese Matskie che ultimamente è di una prolificità impressionante…”

“Italian native Horny Andy harnesses the universal chaos energy for just long enough to deliver a full speed, glitched out dirty bomb in the form of Funk Dancing backed by remix from British producer Matskie to round off this weapons-grade release for IBR008. The original is a full speed, twisted psy breaks workout with earth moving drums and precise synths that's set to destroy the late crowd. Picture a team of highly trained scientist's in hazmat suit's and yellow hard hats running from a nuclear power plant in full meltdown......this is the soundtrack. Matskie takes the rein's for the remix and the result is another top quality, bass heavy monster with all the energy of the original laid over no-nonsense, driving 4/4 drums adding a futuristic vibe that in a glimpse of when the machines take control. Add this one to your peak time arsenal. http://www.beatport.com/release/funk-dancing/923608 ”

“Boundless sample-craft is at play throughout this 13 track album as Young NRG founder Stex gets up, stands up and struts his funky stuff. Mischievously messing with the likes of the BeeGees, Frantique and James Brown, his party-minded abandon creates a sense of surprise with every track where basslines fire away with no warning whatsoever and rhythms switch wildly, much to the delight of your dancefloor. With a variety of flavours and appearances from fellow label players The Random Scarves, Ash Chandler Jim Holland Paul Hydrator Palei and Andrea Ornetti Horny Andy, it's quite the collection. Shucks, he even finds time to apply his party-know how to classical composer Holst. Now that's what we call old school!”

“The cover artwork may make this look like some kind of 90s trance release, but it's actually a decidedly killer collection of contemporary breakbeat-influenced productions from a selection of up-and-coming artists. There's plenty for breaks/bassheads to sink their teeth into, from the bleep-laden, electro-influenced business of Horny Andy's "Broken Minimal" and the warped, dubstep-rock mash-up madness of Beat Muffin's Damage Breaks re-rub, to the disco-sampling shenanigans of The Random Scarves and Stex's bizarre classical/breaks/electro/jungle cut "Opera 32 Jupiter". Oh, and a punchy electro-breaks remix of Chamber from up-and-coming Bristolian PODGE.”

“Italian beat masher Horny Andy comes with a lethal pair of hardcore breakbeat/electro bangers on his latest single for Young NRG. "Love" is deeply interwoven set of bent bass hits, twisted leads and acapella shots all wrapped around a UKF-esque basement rhythm. "Broken Minimal" follows suit with some sharp distortion stabs and bubbling bass all tied to a dark and minimal soundscape.”

“Vi regalo il mio ultimo set creato in esclusiva per il Junk Flavour Academy Show del mitico Horny Andy sulla brescianissima Play One Radio, andato in onda l’altro ieri (07/11/’11). Ne sentirete davvero delle belle… oltre al mio nuovo promo… ;)”

“Parliamo un po’ di novità nel mondo musicale con questa esclusiva trovata della brescianissima Blame Society Records che si é inventata un nuovo e originalissimo metodo per diffondere la musica delle proprie releases in questo marasma sconfusionato che é oggigiorno il mercato planetario della musica. Trattasi infatti di una pen drive da ben 2 GB piena zeppa di tutto ciò che la nuovissima label in questione ha rilasciato fin’ora. Tra gli artisti in questione troviamo i famosissimi Fisso & Spark che si sono ben prestati a fare la loro parte per dare lustro e risalto alla label, i bresciani Dies Irae, Horny Andy e DJ Hook, il bolognese Axelbeat e il milanese Toro. Quindi approffittate subito di questo eccellente pacchetto contenente ben 2 intere releases di nostranissime tracce Breaks, Electro, Techno e Dubstep all’irisoria cifra di 12€!!! ”

“EXCLUSIVE!! two nww wicked releases taken from winter compilation: Breakbeat Associate Vol.2. Horny Andy comes from Hardcore scene and his massive sound is good!!!”

““Shark Attack” vuole essere un pezzo dancefloor oriented, composto da un beat veloce e pesante, sub frequenze in levare, lead spaziali e un vocal aggressivo e “malefico” che vi faranno saltare. Troviamo anche il remix di Horny Andy (artista avvezzo ad altri generi dance, alle prime armi in fatto di Breaks, ma che ben promette…) in una versione scura e minacciosa, pesante in stile Hardcore e in grado di ricreare una profonda atmosfera. Non perdetevi questa release che non vuole essere altro che l’inizio di una lunga serie ;)”

“Etnika ep è il nuovo progetto di Andrea Tarsia aka Andy T dalle sonorità molto balcaniche. L`ep contiene 3 versioni: dub (Vinjay Mix), club (Dalek Flow mix), tech-house (Horny Andy Cut Mix). Consigliato.”

“Ricordate Ipnotik Project di Andrea Tarsia, Vinjay & Horny Andy? uscito su Young NRG? Il disco adesso è stato pubblicato anche su Plusquam Records, nota etichetta elettronica tedesca. Un`altra prova del talento musicale dei nostri artisti italiani.”

“Se volete espandere le vostre percezioni sonore non dovete fare altro che procurarvi questo e.p. ricco di soluzioni musicali molto interessanti.”

“Il lavoro è nato dalla collaborazione ormai consolidata e vincente di Andy T con Phil Pieces, Horny Andy e Vinjay. Uscirà su Supersonik Records in esclusiva su Beatport il 5 Settembre.”

“Il suo Ipnotik Project, è un disco adatto per grandi dancefloor, composto assieme a Vinjay e Horny Andy. Questa volta è la Young NRG l`etichetta che vanterà di questa uscita. Prestate attenzione a questi giovani talenti.”