Horns of the Headless / Press

"...and while it’s difficult for them to put an exact label on what Horns of the Headless music is, there are certain things it is not. It isn’t pretty. It isn’t dreamy. It isn’t depressing or mellow or boring. It’s rock ‘n’ roll in the true sense of the word: bold, brash, brutal and blistering, the sound of the “Jackass” crew crammed into a Chevy Nova at 1 a.m., taking Jager shots and chasing them with Red Bull while driving down “The Dragon” at 120 mph with the lights off."

“Knoxville heavy rock outfit Horns of the Headless has been in the works for four years but only recently solidified its roster. After revamping its lineup, the reinvigorated act looks to record its first official release on Dec. 22.”