Horizon Effect / Press

“Fantastic guitar synergy, riffs and rawkin' attitude ya got there my friends, keep up the good work! Peace & respect!”

“I hear you fam! Dope!”

“Great song, fabulous writing! Keep up the great work!”

“You guys were wonderful on Thursday night...You are all extremely talented! It was great fun.”

“It is a tremendous pleasure to have awesome musicians like you around! Keep on delivering the goods!”

"(the band formerly known as) [A Farewell to Kings] is a self-described “pop-punk/alt rock” band based in Gwinnett County. With a growing fan base that appreciates their distinct sound and the well-written lyrics, [A Farewell to Kings] is working to maintain their originality while also paying homage to their favorite artists."

"gatsby is a great song. glad i could play with you guys. miss ya'll"

"These guys are friggin' awesome, and deserve wayyyyyy more likes. Y'all know what to do!"

"but with ur music we rock it like no others! Xox"

"The members were awarded [a] grant based on their exemplary academic achievements, their musical discipline and the creativity and relevance of their music, which resonates with both teens and adults."