Hope Has Failed Us / Press

“...heavy, beefy and extreme modern death metal from Dallas, Texas...I'm pretty sure the metal from that state has something to do with the chili...or something...”

“Hope Has Failed Us sure as hell knows how to throw a party. Instead of putting the spotlight completely on themselves and their new Epitaphs And Eulogies album, they went and pulled together a host of fellow locals that really complement what they're about. On the surface HHFU may seem like standardissue earslaughter, but there's a bit more to this clobbering beast than usual. They've tapped into a potent mix of sonics that doesn't just draw from the obvious. While still sounding as burly and no-frills as it gets, HHFU strives to be more than a one-dimensional destruction squad. There's definitely a reason why this bunch has opened for a list of national acts that reads like a who's who list of metal, grind, hardcore and sludge. Whether they're doing that, or headlining a show like tonight's, Hope Has Failed Us has plenty in the way of convincing appeal and commanding stage presence on which to rely. Further success no doubt awaits them.”

Jerry Rutherford - Lit Monthly

“Death metal band Hope Has Failed Us gave one of the most intense performances of Sluggfest VII. Terry Matthew Hays (vocals) will surprise the unsuspecting going from a scream, to a growl, to a harmony, sometimes multiple times in a song. "Remains Of Our Lost" showcase his vocal prowess. John Parker (guitar), Krakker Jakk (bass), and Corey Loftin (drums) are just as versatile as their frontman, changing rhythms with complete fluidity. "The Rest Came Walking" and "The Black Mercy" continued the sonic assault, with fans in the pit responding with continued abandon. Without a doubt, the insanity of the music could only be underscored by the fact that Krakker played with his picking hand gloved in Freddie Kruger attire, never missing a beat. Now that is showmanship!”

David Utorka - Harder Beat

“Mad props to these guys- they kicked ass! One of the guys from Hope even fell off of one of the speakers and busted his nose open!" Hope Has Failed Us is no-holds-barred, extreme death metal!”