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hooyoosay / Press

“The uncredited members of hooyoosay, have once again hit the nail perfectly on the head. The message of happy-on-the-outside, sad-on-the-inside is concisely described via the jangly and funky, happy-go-lucky rhythm and sound of “Palm Tree In My Garden” – the apparently lighthearted, oblique lyrics, tell a whole different story though. Seriously folks, this is a fun song if you just let it ride through your ears. The melody and hooks are really hard to resist as is the piano and that rolling snare drum. Not to mention the squawking guitar, freaky synths…and ooh those sweet cheerleader harmonies! But if for one second, your mind was able to switch the vibrant music down and let the lyrics sink in…you’ll discover that in their simplicity they say something profoundly true about our fragile society.”

“Like their past creations, ‘Palm Tree In My Garden’ is chock-full of personality. I love the vocal patterns and harmonies. I’ve previously referred to them as infectious, and they’re in full-form here on ‘Palm Tree In My Garden.’ The perfect dichotomy between male and female vocalists is a balance hooyoosay strikes quite uniquely. I’m not terribly sure where to place hooyoosay... again. They toy with pop harmonies, as before, but this time, they’ve injected some R&B and funk influences to their instrumentation. At one point, a raw, scratchy harmonica even fades in and out of the soundscape to surprising effect. ... As expected, hooyoosay’s production is excellent. They handle the vocal mixes masterfully. All of the instruments are well performed and produced, too.”

“In an era where artists are categorized into a million and one genres and twice as many sub-genres, along come hooyoosay. What exactly do you call them? Part of the magic of this band is that you can’t label them with anything that exists at this time – they’re far too retro… or far too futuristic, depending on which side of the timeline your tastes are coming from. So who would enjoy this band right now? Well, probably “The Wrong Kind Of People”, which is also the ironic title of their latest 4-track EP, and described on one of the band’s webpages as: “The overall vibe is feelgood and fun, the word “wrong” merely being ironic, for the message simply is that nothing is wrong, on the contrary all is absolutely fine.” Lyrically hooyoosay speaks to our times, it concerns itself with how we treat this rock we call home, and how we value each other each day. Musically the band just keeps getting better and more complex.”

“Few artists are able to provide listeners with a full semblance of the band’s nuance in the course of two tracks. hooyoosay has stuffed each track on this single with enough passion and aplomb to keep things lively. "Come On" is a track that touches upon the sixties and eighties with a bouncy beat and a surfish vibe that permeates all points of the song. There is a tautness to the different elements of hooyoosay that make for a single-worthy track. For those that are more concerned about the quality of the instrumentation, the band is able to create something dense and detailed without losing the friendly sound that is present here. Throw in a sizzling guitar line at points and one will be provided with a track that will get people up and dancing. Tapping out before the three-minute mark, "Come On" is a highly energetic track that allows the band ample opportunity to introduce themselves to listeners.”

"Don’t you lie to me / Yooplaaa!" is the band’s latest EP, and it showcases a certain eclecticism to hooyoosay. It is this certain undefinable quality that will bring listeners in by waves. Hints of They Might Be Giants, XTC, and Devo can all be heard in this introductory track. The funky electronic-infused style of the band during this effort will burrow deeply into listeners’ psyches, while there are enough twists and turns in this song to keep its replay value high. "Yooplaaa!" builds off the goodwill that was created during "Don’t you lie to me", and keeps things rosy and catchy even as an instrumental. To understand the sheer variety that hooyoosay brings to the table, it is necessary to delve into the band’s discography... The more elegant and less full production of "My Obsession" establishes hooyoosay as an act that can spin off in a variety of different ways. "Pain in My Heart" is a more sorrow-filled and morose track, with the narrative qualities of the band shinin

“hooyoosay is a remarkable band making happy tunes. The only thing that bothers me is that I could not find the country of origin from this awesome project. At first listen, the tracks sound like jingles with electronica meets country kind of style, but then again it doesn’t sound so. It is hard to categorize their music, but they surely make catchy tunes rooted in the beauty of pop music. My rule of thumb when listening to albums is just to listen. No need to analyze, but just enjoy the music. This seems to be the principle behind the album "Don’t you lie to me". The title track is catchy with hints of chanson, vintage and vaudeville pop. The chorus is easy to singalong and the instrumental arrangement is excellent. Another notable track in this release is the instrumental "Yooplaaa!". Um... again this is hard to categorize, but it is beautiful. I love the mixing of the bass and drums because they really sound full. The overall sound design is slick, clean and glossy.”

“Summer Is Here! Things Are Getting Better! – Introducing hooyoosay! Bluesy, quirky pop with a touch of Vaudeville is a somehow inadequate stab at describing the wonderful and slightly eccentric world of hooyoosay. Listening to the new EP, consisting of "Don't You Lie To Me" and "Yooplaaa!", you could be forgiven if you assumed hooyoosay were happy-go-lucky comedy pranksters, but rather this EP marks a slight summery departure from a more guitar blues orientated band that shuns new technology in preference for vintage analogue gear and an earthier recording process. There's a colour-faded 60's retro feel, which, like their penchant for segueing videos and songs, seems to fit perfectly with an innocent take on counter-culture. At times reminding me of Squeeze and Flipron and yet on songs like "Time Is On My Side" and "Whos Been Sleeping Here", from their album of lesser known Rolling Stones material, you can appreciate the earthy blues valve amp sound that permeates their catalogu”