Honey Mahogany / Press

“SF Weekly Readers' Poll 2011 Best Drag Queen TIE: Honey Mahogany, Heklina”

“[Honey] is gorgeous in drag singing with great chops... [She] looks like a wonderful African-American Julie Newmar.”

“As long as [Suppositori Spelling] keeps featuring performers like… true songbird, Honey Mahogany, who sprang up out of nowhere a singing superstar… then Truck is definitely the place to be on Sunday nights.”

“As a matter of fact, at the past two Cocktailgates there were a few performers who actually sang instead of synced. One from the previous week named Honey Mahogany sang an amazing version of “Summertime” right as I was walking in… And then Honey Mahogany actually sang the most over-played-by-the-gays song of two years ago, “Rehab,” and she was amazing.”