Honey King / Press

“New Jersey-based Honey King made their Homegrown Music debut in October with a wonderfully appealing acoustic session featuring the memorable vocals of Julia Knitel. The trio will be performing their original music that captures the feel of classic folk songs with a their own 21st Century touch.”

“CONCLUSION: One of the most well rounded CD's I've heard this year. What really stands out here is the overall quality of the playing. Each and every song is about the groove, the harmony, and the listener. There's no "superstars" here trying to play over each other, just a group of musicians that know how to rock together. This is a seriously fun slab of music to hear. I can't imagine anyone's music collection being complete without this in it. These guys may not be on a major label, but they SHOULD BE. SCORE: 9 out of 10 STANDOUT TRACKS: Can't Stop Havin' Fun, I Pray You're Feelin' Fine, Rat Race Loser Read the Full Review at http://backroadsradio.wordpress.com/”

“I listen to bands all day long! Thousands of them a month! Honey king is one of the most talented group of musicians I've ever heard! They are simply amazing! Http://www.theneverendingstage.com Mike, co-founder and leader of artist development! ”

"Honey King sounds like the Love child of ZZ Top & Koko Taylor" - CJ Plain

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