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“ Album Review (webzine) No. 11 Honey Bane Acceptance Of Existence (Self release) (Exerpt from the review) From the glam-rock stomp-rap (I think Honey just invented a genre there) that is 'This ain't Reality', to the low-slung bump 'n' grind of 'Don't tell Me', with its bravura vocal performance and relentless Jah Wobble style bassline. (This one could almost be an outtake from the Damage Manual sessions - it's got some very Martin Atkins-ish hi-hats going on there). But the top track here has to be the updated 'Violence' Grows', now retitled 'Violence Grew' and loaded with righteous venom. The original was glacial and observational: this one's spitting rusty nails. Honey's back, and she's mad as hell. 'Violence Grew', updated for a new century of violence. Now available on Honey Bane's new album, Acceptance Of Existence. Honey Bane: Myspace | Facebook ”