Honest Thieves / Press

“Honest Thieves have a sound not unlike the White Stripes or Marcy Playground. Upbeat and flavorful. Ian puts emotion in his lyrics. Jon's guitar work is mostly focused on melody lines and octaves to carry the song where there is no vocals and Justin's drumming and Ian's bass complement each other very well. "Downfall" opens with a muted ascending riff that dives into a crunchy slugfest between the snare and pick strokes. The drums are driven and punchy, these guys don't mind rockin'!... ...The dissapointing thing is there's only 3 songs on this EP... Look them up on Facebook!”

“The energy the three of these guys have together is absolutely awesome. Listening to their music live makes you want to get up and rock out. Their originals songs are tight and beautifully done. Justin and Ian's drums and bass lines flow together perfectly with Jon's catchy riffs. The lyrics have a depth that makes the songs very sincere, but still easy to rock out to. If you ever get to listen to this trio live, do it, you'll never regret it.”

Andrew Stowell - Stowell Write-Ups