Homeless / Press

“A sucker for all things coming out of Minneapolis (and an appreciation for well written/humble emails), I pushed play on this new video from upstart Homeless without hesitation. And just as I expected, the music is worth the time.”

“Homeless is an emcee hailing from Minnesota. He has opened for many of the local and nation-wide stalwarts that tend to be in the midwest... However, he has moved to LA to make his career happen... Within all that, you have a humble man making humble man’s music. Then again, he is from the midwest. Humility is expected on some certain level, Kanye be damned.”

“Another talented Minneapolis rapper, Homeless, has a new video out... If you aren't familiar with this guy, check him out now--with solid pacing and smart beats, he won't be a secret for long.”

“Homeless is a talented Minneapolis hailing emcee whose music I first came across back in 2009... Fast forward to 2011 and, gearing up to release his second as-yet-untitled official project... Even though, I wasn’t personally a fan of “An Open Letter…” (which featured on his pretty decent debut album Patience Makes Lighter), good music is still undoubtedly good music.”

“This is why I love this city so much, the TC produces some of the best raw talent. This is the new Midwestern sound.”