Homeless Hill / Press

"Homeless Hill are drawing crowds with their brand of hook-n-riff rock-n-roll with a touch of southern fare."

Playgrounds Magazine, Columbus, GA

“Amazing band - already had them on our radio show in Lincoln, UK. Could be the next Shinedown/Alterbridge. Would love to see them in the UK.”

Mark "Tosh" Davies - The Rock Train, Siren FM 107.3, UK

“This band with a big sound has been making a name for itself lately, and it's easy to see why.”

“It is a very catchy track (Homeless Hill's Oddball) that screams at you to crank the volume up and has my head moving and my feet tapping anyway! It's powerful, melodic and catchy...who could ask for more!”

Pagan Tordengrav - Pagan Hel Reviews, Crimson Moonzine

"The four-piece from Georgia have consistently pulled rave reviews for their live shows."

“In the last several months, having been recently signed by Hession Entertainment Group, Middle Georgia’s hardest working rock band has come onto the scene swinging. With explosive riffs from lead guitarist Travis Denning and Darin Curtis’ soul shattering primal screams on tracks like Oddball and Break Away, supported by steel trap tightness of bassist Adam Crump and drummer Danny Savage, their maturity as a group is self evident.”

“On the Cover of 11th Hour Magazine, June 2012”

“Homeless Hill's sound is unique and addictive. Not too hard and definitely not too soft!”

The Houston Home Journal

“His lyrics are contemplative and fierce, and the way he sings them...well. We all know what rock and roll does to the ladies. Let's just say his soulful and gritty delivery leaves nothing to be desired...”

“I could try to explain to you that they had some complicated guitar work going on....or I could try to describe the mix - which was pretty close to perfect....But none of that will convey the message appropriately to the average person. How 'bout this: every good looking chick in Middle Ga. was there, banging her head and singing along to every word. I have yet to hear anything negative about this band....and in Middle Ga., that alone speaks volumes.”

"Homeless Hill's album, "Set It On Fire" is 11 original tracks of gut-check rock n roll"

Chris Horne - The Macon Telegraph