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“The new rock-and-roll musical is called On the Eve. Actor Michael Federico wrote it with his friends Seth and Shawn Magill, the husband-and-wife team who head up East Dallas band Home by Hovercraft. Here's how the creators describe On the Eve: "This is the almost entirely true story of Marie Antoinette and the first time-traveling hot air balloon. With Revolution on the horizon and a husband who is generally lacking, Antoinette turns to a space-busting aeronaut, a crazed scientist and a beautiful muse to set things right in her kingdom. However, as the tool to truly dominate her people comes within her grasp, Antoinette starts a revolution of her own, realizing she's become little more than history's plaything. Changing the story midstream, Antoinette sends her new acquaintances through space and time to fight, sing and Irish dance on her behalf."”

“Seth and Shawn Magill have a great love story. They were childhood friends, and they kept in touch, kind of, through high school. But after college, they met again, on Jan. 1, 2000. And they got married three months later. They have a 7-year-old daughter, Tara, and if you meet them, you can tell right away they are best friends. But if you listen to their music, you won’t hear any mushy love stuff. Their band, Home By Hovercraft, doesn’t really do love songs. “Love is an element in all of them,” Shawn says. But they’re all about the human experience. The Magills discovered they could make beautiful music together shortly after they were married. Shawn is a classically trained pianist. She originally majored in piano at the University of Texas but later switched and earned a more practical degree, in business. Seth is an actor and acting coach with a singing voice that’s smooth and soulful. Their sound is rock-n-roll with classical roots.”

“Seth and Shawn Magill, the husband and wife who comprise the band Home By Hovercraft, perform this weekend at the Kessler Theater. We interviewed the Magills for a story about Home By Hovercraft in the June Advocate, and we couldn’t resist mentioning their love story. The Magills knew each other as children when Seth’s mom rented the garage apartment behind Shawn’s parents’ Junius Heights home. Shawn’s family moved away from Dallas when she was a kid, and Seth stayed here and went to Bryan Adams High School. But their parents remained friends, and they would see each other now and then. Seth’s mom used to nudge him toward Shawn, but they were never romantically interested until they got together on New Year’s Day in 2000. And they married three months later. Not surprising, these two make beautiful music together. Check out this video of them performing at the Bryan Street Tavern in May. That’s Seth’s sister on percussion — she’s a well-known Irish folk dancer.”

“Dallas Observer Poster of the Week: This poster is pretty freaking awesome. Created by Red Ranger Ray Guns, which is an honest-to-goodness and amazing steam-punk design company that exists here in Dallas, the poster stands as a schematic design for various would-be flying machines -- which are kind of like hovercrafts, I guess? No matter. Either way, this sucker's got some serious Mr. Toad's Wild Ride appeal. Inspired by some science homework brought home by Home by Hovercraft member Shawn Magill's daughter and designed by Red Ranger Ray Guns' Caleb Massey, who is also responsible for the seriously charming Robot Wednesday series. Came out pretty well, too, I'd say. Great stuff. Good enough to suddenly put a band we'd never heard of, like Home by Hovercraft, onto our radar, that's for sure. See? Posters do still work! ”