Home & Away / Press

“This EP captures so much emotion its unreal, with a full sound on every track you can tell that nothing was skipped over. Home & Away uses sing along choruses and full guitars along with fast paced drums. The vocals are unmistakeable with Bryan Casselman and Evan Murray complimenting each other. Sitting down and listening to this EP was one of the best things I’ve done in a long time.I found that the instrumental side of the EP was incredible. It felt like out of the eleven months they spent making these tracks, half of that time frame was spent fine tuning the sound before the vocal tracking even began. If the music isn't cause for celebration the lyrics are. Creating songs that have to do with forgiveness, realization and non-conformity and more, both the lyrics and music combine to create a fantastic mix. This concoction of brilliance should be put in the books as an all-time favorite and should enjoyed for a long time.”

“Home & Away are gearing up for the launch of their brand new EP, Still Breathing– a follow-up to their self-titled debut full-length released almost exactly one year ago on April 28, 2012. With a hearty dose of creamy clean guitars, rotund breakdowns, and stalwart and grating, yet goosebump-inducing vocals, the band is setting the bar high for pop-punks to come. Now an alumni of Producer/Engineer Johnny Burke (Abandon All Hope, Modern Day Escape) and Vibe Studios, Home & Away are hitting a line drive to the likes of power pop hubs such as Pure Noise Records, Run For Cover Records, early Drive-Thru Records, and –dare we say it– Rise Records.”

“As a pop punk outfit, Home & Away have every angle covered from the radio friendly hits, to the internet single hits, to the hard and heavy to the heart catchers. Whichever way you like it, chances are, they’ll have it. And this is only an EP of seven songs. They have the energy to wear out the young and the stamina to keep up with the old, Home & Away are primed and set to carve their way into your record collections.”

"Though unsigned, the band has the talent and cajones to chill with the big dogs. You hear more than just potential. You hear a band that should be headlining Vans Warped Tour 2014. You hear a band that should be selling 100,000 copies in the first week. You hear your new favorite band, Home & Away (corny, but true). Home & Away seems to understand that if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. Rather than try to reinvent pop-punk, the band just makes it their own. With a sense of humor, passion, & genuineness, Home & Away makes you fall in love with them.